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Women's rights

definitionGlosary term
Women fought for years for this right. It finally became a law that women could join men in making political decisions in 1918 in Canada. The USA followed shortly after in 1920. Right to Vote
Also known as "Iron Lady", she was the 1st female elected as a Euopean Head of State. She ran for three consecutive terms. Margaret Thatcher
Leader of the Indian Congress Pary in 1955. She is the daughter of Nehru. She was assassinated in 1984. Indira Gandhi
She was the first female leader of a modern state as the leader of Isreal. She is remembered as dealing with the Yom Kippur conflict. Golda Meir
She was the leader of resistance military regime in Pakistan. She was the first woman to lead an Islamic state. Benazir Bhutto
Became accessable to all women in the 1960s. This contraceptive allowed women the ability to decide when they wanted children. This also allowed for more control over their careers. Birth control
With men away fighting, women became increasingly more active in the work force. This led to the right to vote and a greater sense of equality in the work place and in society. Impact of Total War
She opened the first birth control clinic in the United States. Margaret Sanger
a collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies largely motivated by or concerned with the liberation of women Feminism
Stated that there should be equal rights regardless of sex. Equal Rights Amendment
A group founded in the 19th century that is credited with beginning the movement of women's rights. National Women's Suffrage Association
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