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AP Euro final

Fall of Rome 500AD
First HRE 800AD; ruler Charlemagne
Great Schism of the West split of church into the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox
Reniance Rebirth; Flourence; ruled by Medici
City states type of government in Italy prior to reformation
Prince Machiavelli
Technique of Renaissance linear perspective; sfumato; chiaroscuro
Cistine Chapel Vatican City; Michealagelo; in St. Peter's Basilica
Dome Florence; Brunelleschi
Petrarch Father of humanism (Italy)
Erasmus Father of humaism (Northern Europe)
humanism individualism and classical
Sir Thomas Moore wrote Eutopia; advisor to Henry VIII; beheaded for not pledging to Henry
printing press 1454; Gutenberg; spread of print culture/literature; vancular
Henry VIII King of England; had 7 wives; Tutor; split with church and made the Anglican Church
Reformation Luther
Luther wrote 95 theses 1517, posted on church door in Wittenburg; ideaology= justification by faith
Anabaptists adult baptism
Elizabeth Ann Bolin
Council Trent counterreformation
counterreformation (What group came from this?) Jesuits
Jesuits (who formed it?) Loyala
Thirty Year War wars of religion; german
End of Thirty Year War Peace of Westphalia
Age of Exploration Columbus
Dutch banking and ship building
JCOCJ James I >> Charles I >> Oliver Cromwell >> Charles II >> James II
Oliver Cromwell model army; "lord protector"
round heads puritains; house of commons
caviliers royalists; house of lords
Charles I killed by head of commons
Locke man is basically good
Hobbes Man is basically bad; wrote leviathan
Glorious Revolution take over of england by William and Mary Hanover
Edict of Nantes Henry of Navarre
Louis XIV Sun King; Bourbon
Spanish Armada defeated by England (during Elizabeth's time)
Fall of HRE 1806?
Habsburg rulers of HRE and Austria
Romanov Russian royals
heliocentric Copernicus; everything revolves around sun
geleocentric ptolemy; everything revolves around Earth
Copernicus On the Revolution of Heveanly Orbs
Newton Calculus
Philosphe french philosophers
Voltaire Fran├žois-Marie Arouet; Candide; satirical; A Treatise on Tolerance
Spirit of Laws Montesque
Rousso social contract; people and leader
Wealth of nation Adam Smith; Laisse faire; 1776
politique Catherine the Great; Elizabeth
industrial revolution cotton gin, open field system
enclosure movement fencing property; industrialization
Huguenot french protestant
Giotto First painter of the Renaissance
Tennis Court Oath Versailles; 1789
City States patrons of the art; competed
Raphael School of Athens
Magellan first to circumnavigate the world
New World North America
Rousseau social contract
Robspeirre Reign of Terror
Storming of Bastille July 14, 1789
Napoleon Schools, bridges, military revision
St. Helen 2nd exikle nap
napoleon exile elba
Napoleon defeat Waterloo; by Wellington
Congress of Vienna Metternich; balance of europe
factory system created more jobs; lesser living environment
communist manafesto Marx
Blood and Iron Bismark
Sick man of Europe Ottoman Empire
WWI warfare machine, gas, tank, trench, air
Orgin of Species Darwin; evolution
Impressionism Monet; has to do with light
Blitzkrieg lightning warfare
Froyd pychoanalist; studied dreams
fascism Mussolini; Italy
Architect Cavour
Created by: trincy