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Chapter 12 Prostart

employees who work outside public space back of the house
profession or work in field choosen by themselves career
series of jobs to which people advance to further careers career ladder
indicates high level of skill certification
simple yes or no closed questions
documents requiring education information college applications
help guests concierge
introduction letter cover letter
good manners etiquette
monetary help for students financial aid
application to determine amount of financial aid goes to a student FAFSA
standard form filled out by anyone wanting a job in an establishment job application
role of wise adviser mentor
building relationships that promote advancement networking
questions for applicants to freely talk about themselves open ended questions
collection of samples that showcase interests talents and studies portfolio
unrelated people who provide information about an applicant references
written summary of skills experiences and achievements relating to job resume
award pertaining to attending college scholarship
demands exceed resources available stress
process people use to identify causes of stress and how to minimize effects of stress stress management
using tools to increase person's efficency and productivity time management
working during school to offset educational costs work study
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