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Chapter 21

Emergency Medical Procedures

Burn An injury to the tissues caused by exposure to thermal,chemical,electrical, or radioactive agents.
Crash Cart A specially equipped cart for holding and transporting medications, equipment, and supplies needed for lifesaving procedures in an emergency.
Crepitus A grating sensation caused by fractured bone fragments rubbing against each other.
Dislocation An injury in which one end of a bone making up a joint is separated or displaced from its normal anatomic position.
Emergency Medical Services System A network of community resources, equipment, and personnel that provides care to victims of injury or sudden illness.
First Aid The immediate care administered before complete medical care can be obtained to an individual who is injured or suddenly becomes ill.
Fracture Any break in the bone.
Hypothermia A life threatening condition in which the temperature of the entire body falls to a dangerously low level.
Poison Any substance that causes illness, injury, or death if it enters the body.
Pressure Point A site on the body where an artery lies close to the surface of the skin and can be compressed against an underlying bone to control bleeding.
Seizure A sudden episode of involuntary muscular contractions and relaxation, often accompanied by a change in sensation, behavior, and level of consciousness.
Shock The failure of the cardiovascular system to deliver enough blood to all the vital organs of the body.
Splint Any device that immobilizes a body part.
Sprain Trauma to a joint, which causes tearing of ligaments.
Strain A stretching or tearing of muscles or tendons caused by trauma.
Wound A break in the continuity of an external or internal surface, caused by physical means.
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