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Chapter 11 Prostart

state of doneness in pasta al dente
used in risotto arborio
tough layer surronding endosperm bran
drain liquid from pasta and vegetables colander
small round balls of dough cooked in liquid dumplings
ingredients are cooked and served in same dish en casserole
largest part of grain endosperm
small potato dumplings gnocchi
grasses with edible seeds grains
protective coating of grain hull
potato pancakes latkes
seeds from pod plants legumes
germ bran and hull are removed or polished milling process
cooking in more than one step multiple stage technique
polish dumpling pierogi
cooking grains in oil or butter than simmer pilaf
most important stage resting stage
laborious italian rice risotto
small tool with mesh screen sieve
goes from raw to cooked single stage technique
harmful bitter tasting substance greenish in color solanine
small german dumplings spaetzle
process where grains are ground and broken down stone ground
fat underground stems tubers
unmilled grains whole grains
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