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Chapter 23 WW1

Chapter 23

Air Warfare 1915- used to spot enemy position, then later used to attack ground targets
Battle of the Marne turned into a stalemate because both France and Germany couldn't dislodge eachother from the trenches they had dug for safety.
Central Powers Germany, Austria-hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.
Conscription military draft -established as a regular practice in many western countries.
Fourteen Points -Basis for Peace Settlement -Peace agreement- open war, not secret -reduction of arms
Militarism agressive preparation for war
Mobilization Assembling troops and supplies for war. - 1914-considered an act of war
Paris Peace Conference French leader Clemen wants Germany weapons free and wants money due to damages. -Compromise- Wilson has to give into territory demands -Germany and Russia were not allowed at conference
Propoganda ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause.
Schlieffen Plan -General Alfred Schlieffen- called for a 2 front war with France and Russia -Attack France and then destroy Russia
The Black Hand Serbian terrorist organization - planned to kill the Arche-duke and his wife
Total War Complete mobilization of resources and people
Treaty of Versailles -Article 231- war guilt cause- Germany and Austria had to take blame for starting war -4 componets- Germany has to pay reparations, reduce army to 100,000, reduce navy, eliminate entire airforce
Trench Warfare trained to fight wars of movement and maneuver
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Used by the German Navy to enforce its blockade against Britain.
V.I Lenin Believed the Bolsheviks should work towards gaining control of the groups (soldiers,peasants), then use them to overthrow provisional government.
War of Attrition War based on wearing the other side down by constant attacks and heavy losses.
Woodrow Wilson U.S president during WWI, "everyone is a part of the war."
Created by: lexi b.
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