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Greece test review

Sappho A woman poet who wrote about love and nature, wrote poems for each of her students
Homer A blind story teller that was led by a little boy and told the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey
Helen of Troy Aphrodite made her fall in love with Paris and run away with him to Troy
Odysseus Was the king of Ithaca and had the Odyssey and Iliad told about him
Athena Godess of Wisdom and warfare, Patron god to Athens
Pericles Leader of Athens around 450 B.C. and said all citizens could serve on a jury with pay
Pheidippides Ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to say they defeated the Persians
Paris The trojan who took Helen of Troy and ran away with her
Penelope Wife of Odysseus, held off suitors by undoing what she had knitted
Hippocrates Father of Medicine, wrote the Hippocratic Oath
Archimedes Scientist and mathematician who said he could use a lever to lift the earth
Xerxes Persian ruler who wanted to conquer Greece who was defeated at the bay of Salamus
Plato A student of Socrates who wrote down his ideas and tried to get a perfect plan for life
Aristotle A student of Plato that trained Alexander the Great
Socrates Questioned Athens and was executed for "urging Athens"
Cleitus a general of Alexander that was king of Bactria tried to change Alexander so he killed him
Artimesia Warned Xerxes not to fight at Salamus, Queen of Halicarnassus
Phidias Made the Parthenon and the statue of Athena in the Parthenon
Menelaus King of Sparta, attacked Troy after Helen ran away with Paris
Philip of Macedonia conquered Greece was the father of Alexander the Great and sent him to train with Aristotle
Aesop A black slave from Asia, told fables
Alexander the Great Was 20 when he became king, is called Alexander the Great because he conquered so much land in so little time
Darius Persian king that wanted to kill every greek in the world
Created by: The_Hamster