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Interwar Period

Peace of Paris 1919 series of treaties -Treaty of Versailles -Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points -League of Nations
Treaty of Versailles -weaken Germany -13% of their territory was given to France and Poland -Large war reperation -reduction of army, navy, and air force -loss of overseas colonies -Article 231 " German Aggression responsible for war
League of Nations -14th Point -International Organization for collective security -Arbitrate disputes between nations -Moniter World Labor Conditions -US refused to join -Excluded Germany and Russia
Fourteen Points- National Self Determination How Europe should look after war, Every nation should be independent
Creation of Independent States in Eastern Europe (Poland) reconstitution of independent state
Creation of Independent States in Eastern Europe (Czechoslovakia) United Czechs and Slovaks
Creation of Independent States in Eastern Europe (Yugoslavia) United Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, Slovienes, Macedonians
Creation of Independent States in Eastern Europe (Albania, Romania, Bulgaria) Independence Restored
Creation of Independent States in Eastern Europe (Hungary) Given independence, but greatly reduced in size
Great Depression US stockmarket crash of 1929 led to global economic catastrophe -Soaring unemployement -Bankruptcy of farms -Soaring Inflation -Population Decline -Scapegoating of Minorities _Government step into ease crisis
Fascism in Italy 1922 thru 1944 (Benito Mussolini: Prime Minister) -Black Shirts overturned parliment and violently suppress opposition -Promised efficient Utopia -Used Propoganda to build support
Stalinism in the Soviet Union 1928 thru 1953( Joseph Stalin) -Rapid, Forced Industrialization -Large cooperative farms controlled by government -Social Welfare -Terror -Propoganda
Fascism in Germany Nazism (Adolf Hitler) -National Socialist German Workers Party
Rise of Nazism Slowly build up support based on anti-semitism and promises to undo Versailles -Stimulated economy with public works -Shut down representative government, eliminated opposition "Brown Shirts" -Propaganda
The Nazis in Power Anti-Semetic Policies -1933: Jews excluded from education, business, government -1935: Jews banned from all proffessions -Aim was to create a racially pure Aryan nation (pure blood Germans)
Nuremberg Laws Jews denied citizenship
Kristallnacht 1938: thousands of Jews attacked and sent to concentration camps
Lebensrawm (living space)Hitlers desire to expand Germany
Gestapo Secret Police of Nazi Germany
Munich Agreement Sept 1938 -Hitler took Sedetanland
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact -Agreed not to attack each other -Secret protocol divided Poland between them
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