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3S371 Vol 2 2011

3S371 Manpower Self-Test Volume 2 (2011)

What affects the amount of bias in the sampling section process? The amount of sampling error relates to the population characteristics and the size of the sampling distribution.
Define probability? A numerical value that measures the uncertainty that a particular event will occur.
What are descriptive statistics concerned with describing? The characteristics of samples and populations by arranging, processing, and interpreting the data known about the samples or populations.
What disadvantage does the mean have? It is measure of central tendency most affected by extreme values.
Define range? The difference between the highest and lowest sample values.
What is the dependent variable in most manpower equations? The dependent variable is usually man-hours or manpower.
What is your objective when searching for variables? To find an independent variable that causes a predictable change to the dependent variable.
Identify the regression coefficient(s) in the equation Yc = a + bX? The regression coefficients are “a” and “b.”
State when a manpower equation is economical? An equation is economical if at any point in the model, a unit increase in workload causes an increase in manpower when compared to all previous per unit changes in manpower.
When does the power model (Yc = aXb) meet both the realistic and economic criteria? When the a-coefficient is positive and b-coefficient is between zero and one.
State what assumptions are tested about a regression model? You are interested in determining, at a certain level of significance, whether you are justified in using the regression derived manpower model to explain the existing relationship between man-hours and workload.
What does the T-test determine? If the individual coefficients of an equation are significantly different from zero.
Define MAF? The average number of man-hours per month an assigned person is available to do primary duties.
What is the purpose of an overload factor? Ensure effective use of Air Force manpower resources.
When is the overload factor used? For all military requirements during AFMS applications and AFMS with one to six civilians.
What is the POD written to facilitate? Work measurement, and data analysis and computations.
What processes are in the POD? Only mission essential processes assigned to the work center.
What interactions are involved in a process? Worker interaction with such things as equipment, material, other people, and information.
Are non-available work center activities included in the POD? No.
To what level are the processes described in the POD written to when the measurement method is work sampling? Described to the level necessary for accurate measurement.
What is the factor selected to predict a function’s manpower requirement for various workload volumes? The standard workload factor.
What step sets the stage for picking PWLFs? Identifying work units.
Can WUs be used in manpower standards when they are under the control of the function? No.
When is the problem of identifying the relationships between workload and man-hours lessened? When there are existing resource management systems, output measurement programs, or management information systems.
What is the first step in the procedures for identifying potential workload factors for measurement? Identify work units not controlled by the function under study.
What information is required for documentation of a selected PWLF or WU? The information required is the: Title; Definition; Source and method of count; Rationale; and Method of verification.
What must be established before you can conduct or even plan a workshop? You must know the purpose or ultimate goal.
What is considered when selecting the workshop location? Consider cost, availability of facilities, and the study team location.
What needs to be considered when scheduling the workshop? Consider both the study needs and the needs of the attendees when scheduling the workshop.
Why is it necessary that you make sure that workshop time measurement estimates are kept confidential until all representatives have given their estimates? This prevents attendees from influencing each other.
What kind of team are we trying to build in a workshop environment for measurement and how does it affect the rest of the study? A team with an improved teamwork attitude and approach. This should create a synergistic, cooperative environment for the rest of the study.
What are the major drawbacks of workshop measurement? TDY costs and scheduling difficulties.
What are the major drawbacks to using field measurement? It increases the study measurement time, and because of the number of personnel involved, the probability for data errors (corrections and adjustments) increases, further slowing the process, and introduces more variation into the data.
State the common uses of work sampling? To determine equipment utilization; analyze work distribution; conduct methods improvement studies; and compute and verify personal, rest, and delay (PF&D) allowances.
Generally, what is the difference between a level I and level II work sampling study? A WS Level I study measures work as productive and nonproductive while a WS level II study.
In work sampling, how is available time classified? As productive (direct and indirect) and nonproductive.
When is a supplemental operational audit of indirect tasks not needed? When level I sampling is being used (productive and nonproductive).
What are the four primary data sources in operational audit? Historical records, directed requirement, good operator timing, and technical estimate techniques.
What does a check of the POD and SOC ensure before an operational audit is conducted? It ensures the measuring MO craftsman and the work center supervisor both understand the work to be measured, standards of operation, and variations existing at the specific measurement site.
When should you use technical estimate for frequency determination in operational audit? Only when no alternative data source is available.
What per accomplishment time determination technique uses the work center supervisor and the measurement MO craftsman to jointly select a qualified person who does the process at an average pace? Good operator timing.
What form is used to document the results of an OA measurement? AF Form 1040, Operational Audit Data.
What measurement method records the time a worker takes to do each element of an operation? Time study.
What are the time study prerequisites of the work being measured? Both highly standardized and repetitive.
What are the two basic methods of reading a watch when doing a time study? Snapback and continuous.
What agency is responsible for performing LCOM simulations and producing final reports? MAJCOM MO.
What are the LCOM computer programs used to simulate? Resources such as parts, equipment, and manpower in support of an approved flying schedule.
State some of the factors that contribute to establishing minimum manpower requirements? Mission needs; performance standards; machine design; facility limitations; hours of operation; shift size and necessity; crew size; post-manpower requirements; safety; and security.
State how to reduce or minimize standby time? Through improved shift scheduling, reorganization, planning, and workload control techniques.
What happens when standby time is minimized? The total manpower requirement is also minimized.
What does the use of a staffing pattern recognize? Long-standing use of manpower and standard operating procedures in a work center responsible for subordinate organizational elements.
What does a directed organization position specify? A fixed manpower requirement to fill a particular named assignment (that is, wing commander, installation commander, etc.).
What relationship does a functional model mathematical equation reflect? It relates the current distribution of manpower to a specific workload.
What man-hours are used as the dependent variable (Y) in a functional model? May be either assigned or authorized man-hours.
Define simulation modeling? A technique that simulates the day-to-day processes for a function.
What is the most common use of simulation modeling? Queuing analysis.
The term “queuing system” refers to what? To the customer arriving, waiting in line, receiving service, and leaving.
What is the main thrust of a queuing study? Directing more toward improving the productivity rather than determining manpower requirements.
On what is the amount the receiver reimburses the supplier usually based? The basis for reimbursement is usually the receiver’s total population, military population, civilian population, or the amount of square footage in a facility it occupies.
State the term that describes support agreements between two Air Force organizations? Intraservice support.
What is the definition of a receiver? An activity, normally a tenant, which receives base support from a supplier activity.
Within the DOD, what is interservice support used for? It is used to increase DOD’s effectiveness and economy of operation.
What is specified to the supplying and receiving activities in all support agreements? The services and resources to be provided by both the supplying and receiving activities.
Toward what are negotiations for support agreements directed? Dollar and materiel savings and a reduction in personnel spaces.
When support is requested, at what level is the support agreement negotiated? At the lowest practical command level.
Who completes a DD Form 1144, Support Agreement, when support is to be provided on a recurring basis? The supplying activity completes a DD Form 1144, Support Agreement.
In financing support agreements, what serves as a binding document between both parties? The DD Form 1144, Support Agreement.
What policy does the Air Force prescribe to units about support agreements? It prescribes that units document the support required and provided by one unit to another to ensure effective resource management, unify efforts toward a command goal, and guard against jeopardizing unit mission capability.
When would a support agreement include more than one receiver? Only when units receiving the support are funded from the same source.
When a MOA or MOU does not involve an expenditure of resources, who negotiates it? The functional OPR drafts, signs, and maintains these documents when they are negotiated at the installation level and does not involve expenditure for resources (manpower or funds).
Besides being an umbrella agreement between or among MAJCOMs, what is another use of a MOA or MOU? In place of a DD Form 1144, when it is necessary to document financial and support arrangements with US non-governmental activities, nonmilitary agencies or individuals.
Who analyzes the tenant mission, equipment, and funding channels? Both the receiver and supplier.
To what level do Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard receive support? The same level of support as other tenant units on supplier’s installations.
Who establishes unique support capabilities required by the receiver? The receiver.
Who prescribes the level at which support agreements can be approved? MAJCOMs.
What is the MO action when assessment of a support agreement results in no impact? “No additional manpower is required to support the receiver” is entered on the DD Form 1144, Block 11, General Provisions, and a signature is affixed.
What is developed for a competition with more than 10 civilian employees? Most Efficient Organization.
What is the title of positions that directly contribute to prosecution of war? Military Essential.
What work is performed with government personnel resources? Inherently governmental activity.
What is the productivity improvement program designed to attain national economic strength by relying on the private sector? Air Force CA Program.
What accurately describes the essential and technical requirements? Performance Work Statement (PWS).
What activity provides a product or recurring service obtainable from a commercial source? Commercial activity (CA).
What is it called when the private sector provides a service where government divests itself of the entire process, including assets? Privatization.
What is the name of the automated system used to track the execution of competitive sourcing initiatives? DOD Commercial Activities Management Information System (DCAMIS).
What is the expression of agency source manpower requirements that would be necessary if contracted workload were performed in-house? Contract manpower equivalent (CME).
Other than annual available hours, what is the term for annual productive work? Full-time Equivalent (FTE).
What are the results of the Commercial Activities Program? A cost-effective method of operation and leads to reduced government costs and identification of savings.
During the inventory process, agency source resources are place into what two categories? Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities.
How often should an inventory review be conducted? Annually.
How long do the commands have to complete the update of the IGCA inventory after accepted by OSD? 90 calendar days.
What is the preliminary planning process used for To determine if competitive sourcing is the optimal methodology for sourcing an organization’s commercial activities.
How long do you have to complete the P3 6 months.
What research should be considered during project scoping IGCA Reason Source Code (RSC), UTC, Air and Space Expeditionary Force requirements, stressed careerfield data, career progression, and overseas rotation.
After completion of the Preliminary Planning Process what must be submitted to the project sponsor Competitive Sourcing Decision Package.
When will an activity conduct a standard competition If, on the competition start date any portion of an activity is performed by 10 or more DOD civilian employee authorizations and the agency cost estimate (ACE) will be based on 10 or more DOD civilian employee authorizations
Which offices should coordinate on the candidate nominations? The Functional Area Manager, Director of Manpower, Organization and Resources Contracting and Personnel.
After the public announcement has been made, what information is not released? The UMD, Privacy Act, and sector specific references.
When is congressional notification required? Competitions with 10 or more DOD civilian employee authorizations.
How are the authorizations identified in MPES after public announcement is made? “Under competition”.
Who must approve all changes and cancellations of candidates? AF/A1M.
How is the cost effectiveness of a conversion from in-house to contract determined? By comparing in-house to contract costs and performance.
Streamlined competition must be completed within how many calendar days? 90 calendar days.
As a minimum, who should participate on the Competitive Sourcing Management Steering Group (CSMSG)? The servicing MO office, civilian personnel flight, military personnel flight, contracting, finance, staff judge advocate, civil engineering, public affairs, and the functional OPRs.
When is the public announcement made? After the command receives HQ USAF/A1M approval.
What must be developed for an activity with 10 or more civilians? Most Efficient Organization.
Who is responsible for developing the government cost estimate? The MO office.
When determining the cost estimate, what are examples of “common costs”? Government equipment, facilities, and materials.
What is the minimum cost differential requirement? The lesser of 10 percent of the personnel costs in the government IHCE or $10 million over the performance period.
Who must the commander make public announcement to? The directly affected civilian employees and their representatives as well as any directly affected military.
What affects the extent of the market research? The urgency, estimated dollar value, complexity, and past experience of the activity under study.
What is included in the solicitation? An acquisition strategy and performance work statement.
What items are included in the Management Plan? MEO, PERFORMANCE PLAN, government cost estimate, transition plan, supporting documentation, technical performance plan.
Who develops the Most Efficient Organization? The servicing MO office in conjunction with the functional OPR and servicing civilian personnel flight.
What is a performance work statement? A document that accurately describes the essential and technical requirements for items, materials, or services, including the standards used to determine whether the requirements are met.
Who is responsible for developing the performance work statement? The functional OPR, with assistance and advice from the BRAG members.
What are the servicing MO responsibilities concerning the AT? Assist the MEO Team in developing the AT. They will also update DCAMIS IAW DCAMIS User’s Guide.
Who performs the source selection? Contracting Officer.
What is issued if the competition is won by the MEO? Letter of Obligation
What is the Commercial Activities Management Information System? A software program used to maintain an accurate record of Commercial Activities that undergo standard competitions.
What is the purpose of DCAMIS? Assists the Air Force in managing the CA program, responding to public and governmental inquiries, and satisfying reporting requirements directed by Congress, OMB, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
How often is DCAMIS updated? Quarterly.
On what are measurement and computation procedures based? 1. On average monthly man-hour and workload requirements.
Who can initiate a manpower standard development study? The functional area manager at either Air Force or MAJCOM level.
State some reasons for conducting a manpower study? State some reasons for conducting a manpower study? (a) Major changes in policy/mission/equip/tech/org, or work environment.(b) Standard is no longer valid.(c) Changes in workload may show the standard no longer accurately predicts manpower requirements.
What impacts commercial activity manpower requirements once a manpower equation is developed? Changes in workload, procedures, responsibilities, quality required, etc., that directly affect the PWS.
What are three distinct methods for determining requirements using simulation data? The methods are: (1) single point application, (2) input points to an equation, and (3) programmable model.
How are minimum essential work center requirements engineered and documented? Independent of resource availability.
What does a study to determine manpower requirements (including skill and grade requirements) using C&R analysis allow the study team to do? It allows the study team to use data collected from measurement input locations to statistically determine the grades and skill levels using equations.
When do input teams determine the man-hour distribution for each process step in the POD (direct and indirect) by AFS and skill level? During work measurement.
How is the distribution in the previous question computed? By multiplying the total measured man-hours for each process step by the corresponding percent shown in the AFSC percent distribution matrix.
During what step is a regression line (equation) fitted to data for each AFSC when using C&R analysis to develop grade and skill requirements? Data analysis and computation.
When determining grade requirements, who analyzes the resulting manpower skill level distribution to set grade requirements? The study team, jointly with the OPR.
Regardless of the method used to determine the skill and grade requirements, how are the results documented? AF Form 1113, Standard Manpower Table or like format approved by AFMA.
What are the categories of variances? Mission, environmental, and technological.
Which variance category applies to automated equipment that reduces aircraft down time? Technological.
When can a variance be submitted for approval? All variances must be submitted within the AFMS development process for approval.
Funding for out-of-cycle variance must be obtained through what system? The Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS).
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