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3S371 Vol 2 2011

3S371 Manpower CDC Volume 2 (2011)

(201) Using a sample to reach conclusions about entire populations is the bases of what type of statistical concept? Inductive.
(201) What theory deals with a known population and concerns calculating the chance of observing a particular sample again? Probability.
(202) From a population sample, you have determined that one value occurs more often than any other. Which measurements have you determined? Mode.
(202) What is the most commonly used measure of central tendency? Mean.
(202) What measure have you calculated when you subtract the highest value from the lowest value in a population sample? Range.
(202) Which of these measures do we not use to calculate the measure of dispersion for a sample population? Mode.
(202) Which measure have you calculated if you have determined the measure of dispersion about the mean in square feet from sample values that represent distances measured in feet? Variance.
(203) What are you focusing on when you use regression analysis? The dependent variable.
(203) What results from regression analysis and is used to form the regression equation? Regression coefficients.
(203) What represents the dependant variable in the equation Yc = a + bX? Y.
(203) What represents the “Y-intercept” in the equation Y = a + bX? a.
(203) What represents the “slope” in the equation, Y = a + bX? b.
(204) What criteria must an equation meet to be acceptable as a manpower model? Economic.
(204) The linear equation, Y=a+bX, is realistic when? b ≥ 0 and the a value is not considered.
(205) To convert the manpower requirements to manpower requirement, you should divide manhour requirement by which appropriate factor? man-hour availability.
(205) An overload factor is applied against? aircraft maintenance workweeks.
(205) You would apply the overload factor when determining manpower requirements for a work center that consists of all civilian manpower requirements when there are how many civilians? 2.
(206) What functional characteristic influences the level of process oriented description during development? Degree of standardization.
(206) What could happen if you write steps in a process oriented description to a very broad level in order to cover as much work as possible? Hinders measurement data analysis.
(206) Which statement would be considered an acceptable title for a process step? Repairs engine.
(207) When do you identify potential workload factors? During study planning.
(207) What is the main purpose for conducting a study of the functional structure to identify significant processes and the output products or units of production? Set the stage for picking potential workload factors.
(207) What is the first step in the procedures for identifying potential workload factors for measurement? Identify work units not controlled by the function under study.
(208) If possible, when should you reconcile the workshop measurement data with the senior functional manager? During the workshop.
(208) What is a major benefit of using workshop measurement? Study measurement time is reduced.
(208) The purpose of the measurement workshop is to? define processes.
(208) Who makes the final determination on workshop composition and should handpick the study participants? The functional office of primary responsibility.
(208) It is important to get a good mix of officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel when selecting workshop participants because? each brings a different set of values to the workshop.
(208) Participant consensus, fewer scheduling issues, and less TDY travel are all benefits of? field measurement.
(209) What measurement method has limited application in a wartime environment? Work sampling.
(209) Work sampling is most effective when work centers have all of the following except? narrow job responsibilities.
(209) When you conduct a level II work sampling study, at what level do you conduct your measurement? . Process.
(209) When conducting a work sampling study, what is the minimum number of usable days you are required to have? 15.
(209) What measurement method are you employing if you are measuring a work center using historical records, directed requirements, good operator timing, and technical estimate techniques? Operation audit.
(209) In operational audit, what affects the historical workload production level? Overmanning.
(209) What method would you use to determine the per accomplishment time when it is affected by varying levels of complexity? Weighted average.
(209) What measurement method is used primarily to measure operations that are repetitive, of short duration, and done at one workstation? Time study.
(209) Consider using the time study technique to measure a work center that? is standardized.
(209) Who is responsible for maintaining the standard logistics composite modeling system? The Air Force Manpower Agency.
(209) When using the logistics composite modeling programs, the simulation process begins? with available aircraft in the ready pool.
(210) The use of minimum manpower requirements and associated standby time are often the result of? management decisions.
(210) After a functional office of primary responsibility confirms minimum manpower requirements, the Manpower and Organization personnel show the manager how the needed performance standards should be met? with minimum standby time.
(210) What method would you use to determine manpower requirements in situations where work center individuals must be on duty to ensure uninterrupted service, even though they may not be continuously productive? Minimum manpower factor.
(210) What method of determining manpower requirement uses a predetermined approach to compute office of primary responsibility approved positions? Minimum manpower factor.
(210) What is a method that recognizes the long-standing use of manpower and standard operating procedures in a work center responsible for subordinate organizational elements? Staffing pattern.
(210) What method do we use to develop a manpower equation that relates the current distribution of manpower to a specific workload? Functional modeling.
(210) What nonmeasurement method do we use to analyze potential workload factors? Functional modeling.
(210) What nonmeasurement method involves running developed models using differing constraints or conditions to determine the best mix of resource costs and level of service obtained? Simulation modeling.
(210) The most common use of simulation modeling is for? Queuing analysis.
(210) Which involves a mathematical study of waiting lines? Queuing analysis.
(211) Which support agreement establishes support between Department of Defense components? Interservice support.
(211) How often are support agreements reviewed? Triennially.
(212) Negotiations for support agreements are directed toward? dollar and material savings.
(212) Reimbursable support costs are determined through? analysis, except when mutually acceptable cost accounting systems are used.
(213) What is the Air Force’s preferred method of providing support through an intraservice support agreement? Functional consolidation.
(213) When there is a physical separation of activities or a mobility requirement dictates its use, what type of support arrangement is applicable? Functional duplication.
(214) What do functional areas use the memorandum of agreement and the memorandum of understanding to document? Mutually agreed-upon statement of facts.
(214) When it is necessary to document financial and support arrangement with US nongovernmental activities, how would the functional office of primary responsibility document it? In a memorandum of agreement or a memorandum of understanding.
(215) When it is not clear at the local level which of several installations can support a receiver most economically or effectively, how is this resolved? MAJCOM representatives determine the appropriate supplier.
(216) Who identifies opportunities of support, and commits resources to accomplish support arrangement? All functional elements of all command levels.
(216) What type of information is recommended to include on the annex? Supplier and receiver.
(217) Which is not included in the Competitive Sourcing Management Steering Group? Most efficient organization team leader.
(217) Contract manpower equivalents are an expression of the? source in-house manpower requirements.
(217) In which situations does the government divest itself from the entire process, including all assets? Privatization.
(218) Which takes place during the Air Force Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities determination step? A complete accounting of all agency source resources.
(218) How often is an Air Force Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities inventory done? Annually.
(219) Which process do we use to determine if competitive sourcing is the optimal methodology for sourcing an organization’s commercial activities? Preliminary planning process.
(219) The preliminary planning process should be accomplished within how many months? 6.
(219) Which step is included in the preliminary planning process? Baseline Cost Development.
(219) When the preliminary planning process is completed, what must be submitted to the project sponsor? Competitive Sourcing Decision Package.
(219) Go Decisions result in the completion of a candidate on what report? RCS: HAF-A1M (AR) 9401, Memorandum of Intent to Compete a Commercial Activity.
(220) What office authorizes final approval for all streamlined and standard public-private competitions before proceeding with the public announcement? AF/A1.
(220) What person or agency is responsible for making the initial public announcement for an A–76 initiative? Commander.
(220) The commander will make a public announcement to all directly affected government personnel within how many calendar days of the date on the approval letter? 7.
(221) Streamlined competitions must be completed within how many calendar days? 90.
(221) Who is responsible for ensuring the most efficient organization (MEO) reflects a competitive source agency organization? Commander.
(222) The final selection between in-house offer and the selected private sector offer must be based upon what? lowest cost.
(223) The most efficient organization is the core of the? Management plan.
(223) What is the basis of the Agency Cost Estimate? Most efficient organization.
(223) Which agency is responsible for developing the performance plan? Functional office of primary responsibility.
(223) Who may begin development of the Agency Tender before completion of the performance work statement? MEO.
(223) Which document accurately reflects the essential and technical requirement for items, materials, or services? Performance work statement.
(224) What information is the commercial activities management information system used to track? Current and prior competitions.
(225) On which concept about work centers are manpower standards based? That work center operations are efficient and standardized.
(225) Who can initiate a manpower standard development study? Major command functional area manager.
(226) Which statement explains the simplified method of determining skill-level and grades when measurement involves multiple locations? Average skill and grade estimates received from each input location.
(226) When conducting a study employing a measurement method involving correlation and regression to determine manpower skills and grades; how the fractional manpower required for each AFSC computed using the data shown in the AFSC man-hour matrix? Divide the total man-hours for each Air Force specialty code by the man-hour availability factor multiplied by the overload factor.
(227) What office/agency develops variances that apply to more than one major command during an Air Force manpower standard development effort? Air Force Manpower Agency.
(228) What part of the manpower standard is a series of broad statements that define the mission support capabilities of each subordinate element? Responsibility statement.
(228) You are applying a manpower standard for an overhead work center that uses the required man-hours in the subordinate work centers for a workload factor; which applies when one of the subordinate work centers doesn’t have a manpower standard? Determine the man-hours using authorizations listed on the unit manpower document
(228) What part of the manpower standard describes significant initiatives incorporated into the standard? Statement of Conditions.
(229) After you receive implementation instructions, how many calendar days do you have to implement a new Air Force Manpower Standard into the Manpower Programming and Execution System? 90.
(229) Increased manpower costs resulting from implementation of new Air Force Manpower Standards are funded by? existing command resources.
(229) When applying manpower standards, how do we address contracted manpower equivalents? By subtracting approved contract manpower equivalent man-hours from the man-hour total.
(230) What factors do you use to apply functional estimating equations like you used workload factors in manpower standards? Program estimating.
(230) What type of mathematical equation do you need to develop to serve as a functional estimating equation for a MAJCOM functional area with more than four locations? Linear.
(230) When determining a function’s total manpower requirements for development of a functional estimating equation, if available, what number of months are used for workload factor historical data record? 12.
(230) To develop a functional estimating equation using regression analysis, you need total manpower requirements and? program estimating factor data.
Created by: charles.barnes
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