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JRA Persian Wars

Persian Wars Vocabulary + Flow Chart

-Largest empire in the time of the Persian Wars -Monarchy -Ruled over Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and parts of India and Europe Persia
-Peninsula -Between Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and Mediterranean Sea -Western most part of Asia -Modern-day Turkey Asia Minor
-In Asia Minor -Along Aegean Sea coast -Many Greek colonies there Ionia
-Open plain near ocean -Athenians beat the first Persian attack on Greece -Runner ran 26 miles from here to Athens to tell about the victory and dropped dead; this is where we got the tradition of the 26-mile run -490 B.C. -Spartans would not help Marathon
-Mountain pass -Battle in Persian Wars -Leonidas + Spartans he led were slaughtered after they were surrounded -480 B.C. -Xerxes killed Leonidas + burned down Athens Thermopylae
-Island off coast of Athens -Battle in Persian Wars -Themistocles tricked Persians into going into narrow channel -Sank 200 of the Persian ships -200=half of ships Salamis
-Last battle in Persian wars -Greeks defeated last of Persian army -Sparta + Athens -Xeres fled Plataea
-War ships -Three rows of oarsmen triremes
Greek foot soldiers hoplites
Elite Persian soldiers "The Immortals"
King of Persia Xerxes
-Spartan king -Led Spartans at Thermopylae Leonidas
-Athenian politician -Lead navy battles at Thermopylae and Salamis Themistocles
-The cause of the Persian Wars -Persia took over Ionia in Asia Minor -Athens won the Ionians freedom and made Persia mad Ionian Revolt
-Alliance of many city-state including Athens, but not Sparta -Made to protect against future attacks -Athens used money to rebuild city Delian League
-50 years of prosperity in Athens -Happened when Athens rebuilt city usig Delian League money Golden Age
Created by: math47ja