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CMT-joints & articulations

What is the most mobile joint in the body? Glenohumeral
Literally meaning “inflammation of the joint,” what is the name of the most common type of joint disorder? Arthritis
What is a slightly movable joint that connects bone to bone with fibrocartilage or hyaline growth cartilage called? Amphiarthrosis
What is the movement of the bone surface in the joint capsule, including roll, spin, and slide called? Arthrokinematics
When two or more bones meet to connect parts and allow for movement in the body it is called a(n): articulation.
Which of the following joints allows movement in many directions around a central point? Ball-and-socket joint
What is the term for a flat sac of synovial membrane in which the inner sides of the sac are separated by fluid film? Bursa
Hyaline, fibrous, and elastic are all types of: cartilage.
The positioning of joints in such a way that motion at one of the joints is accompanied by motion at an adjacent joint is called what type of chain? Closed kinematic
The only position of a synovial joint in which the surfaces fit precisely together and maximum contact between the opposing surfaces occurs is in what type of position? Closed-packed position
Movement in two directions, but with one motion predominating, is performed by what type of joint? Condyloid
What is the term for a freely movable synovial joint? Diarthrosis
Which of the following types of connective tissue fiber has elastic properties and allows flexibility of connective tissue structures? Elastin
Which of the following is a connective tissue that permits little motion in joints and structures, is found in places such as the intervertebral disks, and forms the ears? Fibrocartilage
An articulation in which fibrous tissue connects bone directly to bone is what type of joint? Fibrous
What are cystic, round, usually nontender swellings located along tendon sheaths or joint capsules called? Ganglion
Which of the following joints allows only a sliding motion in various planes? Gliding
Which of the following joints allows flexion and extension in one direction, changing the angle of the bones at the joint? Hinge
The thin covering of articular connective tissue on the ends of the bones in freely movable joints in the adult skeleton is what type of cartilage? Hyaline
A range of motion of a joint greater than what would be permitted normally by the structure and results in instability is called: hypermobility
What is the range of motion of a joint less than what would be permitted normally by the structure called? Hypomobility
Involuntary movement that occurs between articular surfaces, is separate from the range of motion of a joint produced by muscles, and must occur for normal functioning of the joint is called joint: play.
Which of the following describes a synovial joint in which the joint capsule is the most lax? Loose-packed position
In which of the following are the ends of the limbs or parts of the body free to move without causing motion at another joint? Open kinematic chain
When connective tissue is permanently deformed and is unable to return to its original state, what range is it said to be in? Plastic
A bony projection from one bone that fits into a “ring” formed by another bone and ligament structure to allow rotation around its own axis describes what type of joint? Pivot
What is another name for adduction of the spine? Lateral flexion
Convex in one plane and concave in the other, with the surfaces fitting together, describes what type of joint? Saddle
A synarthrotic joint in which two bony components are united by a thin layer of dense fibrous tissue is what type of joint? Suture
Two bony components that are joined directly by fibrocartilage in the form of a disk or plate is called a: symphysis
What is a limited-movement, nonsynovial joint called? Synarthrosis
A joint in which the material used for connecting the two components is hyaline cartilage is called a: synchondrosis
A fibrous joint in which two bony components are joined directly by a ligament, cord, or aponeurotic membrane is a: syndesmosis.
The thick, colorless, lubricating fluid secreted by the joint cavity membrane is: synovial fluid.
A freely moving joint that allows motion in one or more planes of action is a: synovial joint.
Which of the following forces has the potential for the most serious joint injury? Torsion
Which of the following is an immune-related type of inflammatory joint disease? Rheumatoid arthritis
Internal rotation is known as what other type of rotation? Medial
The acromioclavicular joint is formed between the clavicle and the: scapula.
What kind of joint is the glenohumeral joint? Ball-and-socket
The radioulnar joint provides which of the following movements? Pronation and supination
What joints connect the pelvis to the trunk? Sacroiliac and symphysis pubis
What bones articulate at the knee? Patella, tibia, and femur
What is the most mobile joint in the body? Glenohumeral
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