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APICS CPIM Basics of supply chain dictionary words U-Z

U-lines Production lines shaped like U. The shape allows workers to easily perform several nonsequential tasks without much walk time. The number of workstations in a U-line is usually determined by line balancing. U-line promotes communication
Uniform plant loading In lean, the distribution of work between workstations so that the time required for each station to complete all tasks is close to equal as possible
Unit cost Total labor, material, and overhead cost for one unit of production
Unitization In warehousing, the consolidation of several units into larger units for fewer handling
Unit loads A unit to be transported that consists of several items arranged so that package can be moved as a single unit
Valid schedule A detailed, feasible calendar of specific items flowing into a through a factory
Value chain analysis An examination of all links a company uses to produce and deliver its products and services starting from the origination point and continuing through delivery to the final customer
Value stream The processes of creating, producing, and delivering a good or service to the market.
Value stream map A graph displaying the sequence of operations needed to produce and deliver a product or service
Value stream mapping Drawing the current production process/flow and then attempting to draw the most effective production process/flow
VAT analysis In TOC a procedure for determining the gne. flow of parts and products from raw mat to F. V:one to many A:Many to one T:Numerous similar finished products assembled. Once the general parts flow is found, the system control points can be id'd and managed.
Vendor managed inventory (VMI) A means of optimizing supply chain performance in which the supplier has access to the customer's inventory data and is responsible for maintaining the inventory level required by the customer. Vendor visits on-site.
Visual review system A simple inventory control system where the inventory reordering is based on actually looking at the amt of inventory on hand. Usually used for low-value items. such as nuts and bolts.
Wall-to-wall inventory An inventory management technique in which material enters a plant and is processed through the plant into finished goods without ever having entered a formal stock area.
Warehousing The activities related to receiving, storing, and shipping materials to and from production or distribution locations.
Wave picking A method of selecting and sequencing picking lists to minimize the waiting time of the delivered material. Shipping orders may be picked in waves combined by common carrier or destination, and manufacturing orders in waves related to work centers.
Waybill A document containing a list of goods with shipping instructions related to a shipment
Work cell Dissimilar machines grouped together into a production unit to produce a family of parts having similar routings
Work center A specific production area, consisting of one or more people and/or machines with similar capabilities, that can be considered as one unit for purposes of capacity requirements planning and detailed scheduling.
Yokoten Sharing information
Zone Warehouse location methodology that includes some of the characteristics of fixed and random location methods. Zone locations hold certain kinds of items, depending on physical characteristics or frequency of use. or specific WH loc assigned to ord picker
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