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APICS CPIM Basics of supply chain dictionary words G,H

GAAP (Generally accepted accounting practices) Accounting practices that conform to conventions, rules, and procedures that have general acceptability by the accounting profession
G&A General and administrative expenses - The category of expenses on income statement that includes the costs of general managers, computer systems, research and development, and more.
Gemba Japanese word meaning shop floor
Genchi genbutsu Japanese word for visit the shop floor to observe what is occurring
General-purpose machinery Manufacturing resources that can perform several kinds of operations
Green reverse logistics The responsibility of the supplier to dispose of packaging materials or environmentally sensitive materials such as heavy metals.
Gross margin Total revenue - Cost of goods sold
Gross requirement The total independent and dependent demand for a component before the netting of on-hand inventory and scheduled receipts
GTS Grasps the situation
Hansei Reflection
Hedge inventory A form of inventory buildup to buffer against some event that may not happen. Hedge inventory planning involves speculation related to potential labor strikes, price increases, unsettled governments, and events that could severely impair a company.
Heijunka In JIT philosophy, an approach to level production through the supply chain to match the planned rate of end product sales
Hoshin Japanese word meaning statement of objectives
Hoshin kanri (Hoshin planning) Breakthrough planning. A Japanese strategic planning process in which a company develops up to 4 vision statements that indicate where the comp. should be the next 5 years. Comp. goals and wrk plans are dev based on the vision statements.
Gantt chart
general and administrative expenses (G&A)
hoshin planning
Created by: chrisheecho
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