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HC 265 Chapter 8

HIT Class

chart locator system Is used to identify the location of records within a facility
family unit numbering The numerical file identification system used to identify an entire family's health record using one number and modifiers is
file folder The physical container used to store the paper-based health record
master patient index contains patient and encounter information, often used to correlate the patient to the file identification
Microfiche, microfilm are alternative storage methods for paper records using plastic film.
Outguide A physical file is used to identify an alternate location of a file in the paper-based health care record system
optical disk an alternative storage method for paper records using computer-based methods.
Scanner A copier-like machine is used to convert paper-based records into digital images for a computerized health care record
terminal digit In one filing method, the patient's MR# is separated into sets for filing. The first set of numbers is tertiary, the second set is called secondary, and the last set of numbers is called primary
straight numerical filing method of organizing folders in numerical
Serial numbering A numerical patient record identification system, which gives the patient a new number for each visit
Unit numbering the patient record is filed under the same number for all visits
Serial unit numbering A file identification system in which the patient receives a new number for each subsequent admission; however, each previous admission is brought forward and filed with the most recent visit
Family unit A file identification system that assigns the same number to an entire family, uniquely identifying each member by a modifier
Index - is used to identify or name a file or record so that it can be located in the computer-based health record
Retention schedule The length of time required for maintenance of records
Can Records submerged in a flood be restored? Sometimes
Is it true that records scanned into a document imaging software solution must be correlated for identification purposes? no
How wide does the exit isle in a file room have to be? 5 feet wide
What group of numbers is the primary sort in terminal digit filing The Last
How long must the MPI be retained? Always
How long must health records be maintained? 5 years in the absence of state laws
What is the best preparation for unexpected events such as bomb threats, and weather problems such as floods and hurricanes? Disaster planning
How are paper documents imputed into a computerized imaging system? Scanner
Images that are stored for identification and future retrieval must be what in a document imaging system? Indexed
What is a good security measure for the security of records for computerized systems? Routine Backups