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chap 18 obstetrics

amenorrhea absence of menstrual flow
amnion the inner of the two membrane layers that surround and contain the fetus and the amniotic fluid during pregnancy
amniotic fluid a liquid produced by and contained within the fetal membranes during pregnancy. this fluid protects the fetus from trauma and temperature variations, helps to maintian fetal oxygen supply, and allows for freedom of movement by the fetus during pregnancy
amniotic sac the double layered sac that contains the fetus and the amniotic fluid during pregnancy
areola the darker pigmented, circular area surrounding the nipple of each breast, also known as the areola mammae or the areola papillaris
ballottement a technique of using the examiner's finger to tap against the uterus, through the vagina, to cause the fetus to bounce within the amniotic fluid and feeling it rebound quickly
braxton hicks contractions irregular, ineffective contractions of the uterus that occur throughout pregnancy
cerclage suturing the cervix to keep it from dilating prematurely during the pregnancy. this procedure is sometimes referred to as a purse string procedure. the sutures are removed near the end of the pregnancy
chadwick's sign the bluish-violet hue of the cervix and vagina after approximately the sixth week of pregnancy
chloasma patches of tan or brown pigmentation associated with pregnancy, occurring mostly on the forehead, cheeks, and nose; also called the mask of pregnancy
chorion the outer of the two membrane layers that surround and contain the fetus and amniotic fluid during pregnancy
coitus sexual intercoure; copulation
colostrum the thin, yellowish fluid secreted by the breast during pregnancy and the first few days after birth, before lactation begins.
conception the union of male sperm and a female ovum; also termed fertilization
corpus luteum a mass of yellowish tissue that forms within the ruptured ovarian follicle after ovulation. it functions as a temprtaty endocrine gland for the purpose of secreting estrogen and large amounts of progesterone-which will sustain pregnancy, should it occur,
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