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Chapter 10 prostart


meal on one plate and brought directly to table by server American service
dress hygiene and behavior appearance
server in training apprentice
use for clear soups and broths...rounded head bouillon spoon
plate for spilt jams and condiments bread and butter plate
assist with cleaning and resetting busers
used for soft food items butter knife
3 tines cake fork
server area of 15-25 people assists waiter captain
plates not directly touching food chargers
dinnerware china
smaller than soup and sauce spoons coffee spoon
surveys completed by customers noting satisfaction of service comment cards
attracts customer from one place to another competetive advantage
creates strong 1st impression customer interaction
broader tine that cuts througn cake like a knife dessert fork
used for main course vegetables and pasta dinner fork
used for all entrees and main courses dinner knife
10-12 in long across dinner plate
includes mugs and cups drinking glasses
family style dining English service
smaller than a coffee spoon espresso spoon
simplest and least expensive family style dining
small bowl filled with water and a citrus slice to cleans hands finger bowl
impression made withing seconds of meeting a person first impression
used for eating fish fish fork and knife
person in charge of operation during particular shift floor manager
consist of customers that meet as a group to talk about improvements focus groups
assist with bringing food from kitchen to table food runners
elegant and expensive French service
1-2 years of experience and works with captain front waiter
jagged edges grapefruit spoon
special lip or spout to prevent spillage gravy boat
provides 1st impression greeter
tableside cart in French service gueridon
responsible for service in particular area headwaiter
interaction between guest and host hospitality
responsible for management of service maitre d'hotel
shallow bowl for relishes and dipping sauces monkey dish
made from thick glass or ceramic mugs
hired to visit and report on experiences and impressions mystery shoppers
do it yourself service quick service
warming unit rechaud
most formal food service...all food is made in kitchen Russian Service
used for delicate food salad fork
plate for delicate foods salad plate
for sauces sauce spoon
work behavior and actions of restaurant and its employees service
napkins silverware cups saucers menus service station
serve food serving utensils
crack lobsters and crabs shell crackers
small thin forks snail forks
plate with indentations snail plate
specialized utensil for holding shell to prevent slippage snail tongs
no flat edge and often has a lid soup bowl
flat around edge with dip in middle soup plate
large with oval head soup spoon
sharp serrated blade steak knife
recommended additional or different items. key to successful retail suggestive selling
long handle sundae spoon
open ended questions surveys
american french english and russian traditional service
large covered bowl for soup tureen
large decorative plate underliner plate
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