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Coast Guard Electronic Technician First Class

Who is responsible for ensuring that checks and audits of all tag-outs are performed? Department Head
How often are checks and audits of all tag-outs performed? Every two weeks
It is recommended that abbreviated audits be conducted as part of _____. routine watch relief
What is the Equipment Tag-Out Procedures manual? COMDTINST 9077.1
What is step one of an equipment tag-out audit? Gather and review all applicable tag-out logs and record sheets at your unit.
What is step two of an equipment tag-out audit? Check all active tags/labels listed in the tag-out logs for correct installation by visually comparing the information on the Tag-Out Record sheets, Tag-Out Index, and the Instrument Log with the tag/label on the item for which the tag is posted.
What is step three of an equipment tag-out audit? Replace missing or damaged tag by annotating the Danger/Caution Tag-Out Record sheet that the tag is missing or damaged.
What is step four of an equipment tag-out audit? Note any audit discrepancies on the Danger/Caution Tag-Out Record sheet; sign and date the last entry.
What is step five of an equipment tag-out audit? After all Danger/Caution Tag-Out Record sheets have been audited, ensure that the individual responsible for the Tag-Out Log signs and dates the Danger/Caution Tag-Out Index and Record of Audits and notes the number of active tags.
How long shall Completed inactive Record sheets be retained for? Six months.
When does the tag numbering start over? 1 OCT
What is the first tag number? (E/O)-001
Safety lock-out procedures are governed by who at shore units? OSHA
Created by: CG ET1