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USSR final

Pospelov Commission 1955 - investigated Stalin, death of Kirov, led to "secret speech"
Anti-party group 5/1957 - Molotov, Malenkov, Kaganovich led a coup attempt to get Krushchev to resign; failed, but they weren't killed
Hungarian Revolt 10-11/1956 - Hungarians revolted against imposed soviet policies; pro-soviets executed; Soviets initially offered to withdraw troops but changed their minds and invaded to crush the revolution
The Novocherkassk massacre 6/1962 - Grain shortage + Krushchev increasing price of meat and butter and demanding higher output from workers = decrease in pay
Virgin Lands Campaign 1953-56 - Khrushchev launches campaigns for peasants to start farming un-farmed areas which works well initially, but single-crop planting destroys the soil and so peasants must move elsewhere
Sputnik 10/4/1957
U-2 Affair 5/1960 - US sends spy plane to Russia which gets shot down; denies knowing anything about it until the pilot talks; Khrushchev speaks too violently about US and embarrasses USSR
Test Ban Treaty 8/1963 - Improved relations with US, hurt with China
Prague Spring 1968 - Czech liberal communist party members pass reforms to give more free speech and public debate; Warsaw pact allies thought it was dangerous and in August they moved in to occypy the country
Solidarity movement 1980 - Poland: Solidarity trade union movement that pressured the SU for reforms; beginning of domestic issues for USSR
Samizdat self-publishing
Tamizdat foreign publishing
Andropov 1982 - leader after Khrushchev; seen as a reformer even though he had a role in Prague Spring and Hungarian revolution
Berlin Wall erected 8/1961 - said to be a "protection against fascism" but a PR nightmare as the West used it as a symbol of Soviet tyranny
Berlin Wall torn down 9/1989 - start of the end of the Soviet empire; communism collapsing in poland and hungary
Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution 11/1989 - non-violent overthrow of Soviet government;
Economic "cooperatives" 1988 - part of perestroika; allowed for some privatization; enterprises allowed to trade with each ohter and set their own prices; failure showed that no one in SU knew how to privatize
Anti-Alcohol campaign 1985-87 - prices of alcohol raised and sales restricted; PIs were prosecuted; led to black market, revenue debt, decreased popularity, drink substitutes
2nd economy
Andreyeva affair 1988 - "I cannot forsake my principles" defending Soviet conservatism and suggesting Gorb not a real communist
Chernobyl 4-1986
Yeltsin on Tank
Matthias Rust 5-1987
Created by: whorabola