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Creighton HIS 101

Truman Doctrine the U.S. policy to limit communism after World War II by countering political crises with economic and military aid
Tito Josip Broz, Communist leader of Yugoslavia, led the powerful anti-Nazi Yugoslav partisans during the war, after he relied on support from Serbs, Croats, and Muslims to mount a Communist revolution. He avoided help from the Soviets and became independent
Marshall Plan a post-World War II program funded by the U.S. to get Europe back on its feet economically and thereby reduce the appeal of communism. It played an important role in the rebirth of European prosperity in the 1950s
Arbeitslager means “labor camp” in German for different categories of inmates
Dreyfus Affair Jewish captain in the French army, Alfred Dreyfus, charged with spying for Germany, military made evidence to convict him guilty, pardoned after article proved his innocence, made anti-Semitism a tool and showed hate-filled slogans in politics effective
Totalitarianism highly centralized systems of government that attempt to control society in its most private details and ensure conformity through police terror and single-party rule
Second Republic the republic established in France in 1848 and replaced by the Second Empire in 1852
Anschluss German for “merger.” Hitler’s troops invaded and annexed Austria and began the so-called unification of Aryan peoples into one greater German nation. Austria was declared a German province and the Nazis provided employment and housing for the Austrians
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