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Rogers-Martin Luther

Martin Luther Quiz questions

These allowed Christians to escape punishment for sins. Indulgences
________ had been taking place in in the Church for centuries. Granting indulgences
For what purpose were indulgences used. To build a new church in Rome
The priest who sold indulgences to help a loved one avoid suffering for their sins. Johann Tetzel
What made the Church a powerful political institution? Carried out wars Made alliances between Kingdoms and nations The Popes power was similar to that of the King
Describe the criticisms of the Church. The Church lost sight of guiding people's religious life. The Church focused on doing good works (indulgences) rather than faith as a means of salvation.
The title of Martin Luther's official criticism of the Church and the selling of indulgences. Ninety-five Theses
List ways Martin Luther challenged the authority of the Church. Martin Luther claimed that people could achieve salvation through faith. Priests were office holders(not more important than the people) Challenged the Pope to rule on religious matters. The bible is the only true authority.
Finish the sentence...Even though the Church succeeded in having Luther labeled an outlaw in Germany... his popularity was growing and his ideas were spreading quickly.
A religious term which means to go to heaven. Salvation
A term used to describe Luther's break with the Church and the movement it inspired. Reformation
Reasons for the success of the Reformation. Many Germans were attracted to Luther's teachings. Some nobles resented the pope and the power of Rome and wanted to break with the Church. The poor were encouraged by what they saw as Luther's message of equality.
The religion Martin Luther started was called... Lutheranism
Other places in Europe that Luther's teachings spread to were... Sweden and Norway
Lutheran's won the right to practice their religion in 1555 with .... The Peace of Augsburg
The Peace of Augsburg ended/began the Reformation in other parts of Europe. Began - it continued in England and Switzerland after Luther.
Protestant Christians who separated from the Catholic Church.
King Henry VIII started the Church of England when the Church would not grant him a ______ so that he might have a son to carry on his reign. divorce
The title given to Henry VIII by the Pope before King Henry left the Catholic Church. Defender of the Faith
Another name for the Church of England. Anglican Church
The leader of the Protestants in Switzerland in the 1530s who promoted the idea of predestination. John Calvin
The idea or belief that God determines who will be saved is called Predestination
Zwinglians The Bible contains all religious truth.
Protestants that believed only older people should be baptized because they are aware of their faith. Anabaptists
The religious group started during the Catholic Reformation that worked to educate and spread the Catholic faith in southern Europe. The Jesuits
How did Pope Paul III help the Church focus on religion and spirituality? In 1542 he called for a meeting known as the Council of Trent where corruption in the Church was discussed and changed.
Created by: barbaritza