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American Government


Government those institutions and officials whose purpose it is write & enact laws & enforce public policy
Democracy To Americans, a government where authority is based on the consent & will of the majority
Power The capacity & ability to influence the behavior and choices of others through the use of politically relevant resources
declaration of independence the document declaring the colonies to be free & independent states & also articulating the fundamental principles under which the new nation would be governed that was adopted by the second continental congress in july 1776
Bicameral Refers to a legislature that is divided into two separate houses, such as the U.S. Congress
Full faith & credit The requirement, found in Article IV of the constitution, that each state respect in all ways the acts, records, & judicial proceedings of the other states.
Republicanism A doctrine of government in which decisions are made by elected or appointed officials who are answerable to the people , not directly by the people themselves.
Check & balances the principle that let the executive, legislative, & judicial branches share some responsibilities & gives each branch some control over the others activities.
Judicial Review The power of the courts to declare acts of congress to be in conflict with the constitution.
Myth of majority is generally used to refer to the opinion held about any issue by a majority of the people, cant find a single majority of opinion is often unclear unstable nonexistence
Public public opinion The collective preferences expressed by people on political issues, policies, institutions & individuals
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