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Ch.15 Renaissance

Renaissnace and Reformation

Historical period in Europe from 1300 to 1650 when there was a new desire to learn about arts, sciences and the world. Renaissance
Famous Italian artist, inventor, and scientist (Mona Lisa, 4000 notebooks) Leonardo da Vinci
Interest in classical studies which focus on nature, beauty, and the physical world. Humanism
First great Humanist - Poet reflects knowledge of Roman writers and a love of nature Francesco Petrarch
Renaissance painter - Sistene Chapel painting on ceiling of the creation Michelangelo
Florentine sculptor who created life-like statues of the human form. Donatello
individual letters and marks that could be arranged and rearranged so that multiple copies could be made quickly movable Type
German inventor of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg
Roman Catholic Priest that applied the ideas of humanism to Christianity. He wrote "In Praise of Folly" Desiderius Erasmus
English Lawyer who was Erasmus' friend and wrote about the ideal world that was based on Greek philosophy which pointed out faults in the world of his time. Sir Thomas More
England's best known poet and play write who used plots from the ancient world of the Greeks and Romans.(Romeo and Juliet) William Shakespeare
Interest in human characters, image and form Key features of Renaissance art and writing.
Artist who used multiple layer of paint and rich, bright colors to show the details of everyday life. Jan van Eyck
Painter and woodcarver who visited Italy to see firsthand how Italian masters worked and showed the changes in religion that were taking place in Europe in his work. Albrecht Durer
A way to purchase a pardon for your sins. Indulgences
A preacher who designed a way for the Church to make money and to ease the suffering of a loved one who had died. Johann Tetzel
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