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Chapter review 14

Building a medical vocabulary

Diaphysis The long shaft of the bone
Epiphysis Either end of a long bone
Anomaly Is a deviation from what is regarded as normal, especially Asa result of congenital defects
Another name for joint Articular
Atrophy Means a decreased in size of an organ ,or tissue
Axial The skull, spinal column, sternum, and rib
Appendicular free appendages and their attachments
Periosteum a tough fibrous membrane that surrounds a bone
Voluntary Muscle it is voluntary has a conscious control over movement
Involuntary Muscle Means it is not voluntary, or not under our conscious control
Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that specializes in the prevention and correction of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
Pertaining to the Vertebrae Vertebral
Pertaining to the lower back Lumbar vertebrae
Referring to the sacrum sacral vertebrae
Flexion the act of bending; being bent
Extension the movement by which the ends of a jointed part are pulled away from each other; a movement that brings the members of a limb into or tward a straight condition
Adduction the act of drawing toward the median plane
Abduction the act of drawing away from the median plane
Flexors any muscle that flexes a joint
Extensors any muscle that extends a joint
Sondylitis inflammation of the vertebrae
Scoliosis is lateral curvature of the spine,
Ossification is the formation of bone or a bony substance
Calciuria calcium in the urine
Bones of the ankle Tarsals
Bones of the wrist carpals
Bones that connect wrist bones to the phalanges Metacarpals
A condition in which the joints are stiff Ankylosis
Ankylosis Immobility of a joint
Muscle weakness Myasthenia
Why are some ribs called floating ribs there are the last two pair of false ribs, called floating ribs, are attached only on the posterior aspect
closed fractures incomplete, simple complete, simple
Open fractures Compound
Myasthenia muscle weekness
Tail Bone Coccyx
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