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What are the endocrine glands? Pineal, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, Thymus, Pituitary, Pancreas, Gonads
Endocrine: To secrete within
What are the chemical messengers that are secreted from the endocrine system? Hormones
Hormones either ______ or _______ a motion or action in the endocrine system... excite or inhibit
TSH= thyroid stimulating hormone=augments growth and secretions of thyroid gland
LH= luteinizing hormone=augments ovulation and aids in maintenance of pregnancy in females
GH= growth hormone=accelerates body growth
ACTH= adrenocorticotropic=augments growth and secretions of adrenal cortex
FSH= follicle stimulating hormone=production of sperm in testes and secretion of estrogen and growth of eggs
MSH= melanocyte stimulating hormone=augments skin pigmentation
ADH= antidiuretic hormone=maintains water balance in body
What helps mom develop milk and give them super powers to become good maternal parents? prolactin
3 symptoms of diabetes mellitus? PU/PD, weight loss, blindness
2 advantages and disadvantages for radioactive iodine treatment: safe, minimizes stress, must be in optimal health to perform procedure, expensive
2 glands that cushings syndrome effect: pituitary, adrenal
4 symptoms that cushings syndrome includes: lethargy, PU/PD, muscle loss, poor coat
Oxytocin: milk letdown from mammary ducts
3 essential hormones in thyroid gland: t3, t4, calcitonin
4 hormones that the adrenal gland secretes: cortisone, epinephrine, norepinephrine, steroids
Secretions, location, and has what 2 functions.. the pancreas? insulin, glucagon. located proximal duodenum. exocrine and endocrine functions.
What is the hormone that transports glucose to the body cells? insulin
What is the secretion of the Pineal? melatonin = controls reproductive timing
What secretes hormones that reduce bone calcium levels? parathyroid
Glands that produce steroids, epinephrine and norepinephrine: adrenal
Septicemia: toxic or bacterial blood condition
Thrombocytopenia: abnormal decrease of platelets
Antibody: protein produce in response to antigen
Metastasis: malignancy spread distant from origin
Carcinogen: cancer producing substance
Hemangiosarcoma: malignant tumor of the vascular tissue
Autoimmune disease: healthy cells destroying healthy cells
Epidemiology: study of disease in populations
Hystiocytoma: round cell benign tumor
What are the lymphatic tissues? spleen, thymus, tonsils, bone marrow, lymphnodes
Mediastinus is located where? chest area
Bone marrow is located where? in bone
Multisentric is located where? throughout the body
Gastrointestinal is located where? stomache
External is located where? lymph nodes
What is a common medication that allows for temporary comfort and quality of life for a patient with lymphoma? prednisone
What diagnostic procedure is most accurate to initially diagnose lymphoma? lymphnode biopsys
2 symptoms that a dog will display when afflicted with lymphoma? not eat, swollen glands
Target organs: tissues and organs on which the hormones act
What is also known as the master gland? and why? pituitary gland. secretes many hormones that control other endocrine glands
What steroids are synthesized prescription similar to testosterone and used to increase strength and muscle mass? anabolic steroids
What stimulates sympathetic nervous system and makes you jump out of your seat or win a fight? epinephrine
Gonads and testes produce which hormones? testosterone, estrogen
Lymphoma is most commonly found where in cats? abdomen
Lymphoma is directly related to what in cats? Felv
Natural passive immunity: mother to offspring
Natural active immunity: having the disease
Artificial passive immunity: another host
Artificial active immunity: vaccination
Where is lymphoma most commonly found in body? multicentric
Without therapy for lymphoma how long is a dogs life expectancy? 60 days
With therapy for lymphoma how long is a dogs life expectancy? 1 year-18 months
Diabetes insipidus: insufficient antidiuretic hormone production
Adrenal gland consists of what 2 parts? adrenal cortex, outer portion. adrenal medulla, inner portion
What is the parathyroid glands, and what do they secrete? 4 glands located on surface of thyroid gland. secrete parathyroid hormone
Where is the pituitary gland located? and how many lobes, and what are they called? base of brain, below hypothalamus. 2 lobes. posterior (direct), anterior (indirect)
Homeostasis: maintaining chemical balance in body
Islet of langerhans: secrete the hormones that regulate blood glucose
Vasopressor: stimulates blood vessel contraction and increases blood pressure
ACTH stimulation test: blood analysis for cortiso levels
Insulin: hormone that decreases blood glucose levels
Glucagon: hormone that increases blood glucose levels
Adrenaline: hormone causing fight/flight response
What does the thyroid gland regulate? metabolism, iodine uptake, body calcium levels
Addisons disease: deficient adrenal cortex function
What is the secretion of the thymus? thymosin = maturation of t-lymphocytes
Ovaries in females, and testes in males, are what? gonads = gamete producing glands
What are the secretions of the ovary? estrogen, progesterone
What is the secretion for the testes? testosterone
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