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Motor Systems/LMNs

What structure is said to be involved in "gating of volitional movements?" basal ganglia
What is the relation of flexor to extensor motoneuron pools? flexors are more dorsal within the ventral horn
What is the relation of proximal to distal muscle motoneuron pools? proximal muscles are medial to distal muscles within ventral horn
Would one expect muscles of the medial rectus to have a high or low muscle fiber:motor unit ratio? low (10 fibers per unit)
Would one expect muscles of the vastus lateralis to have a high or low muscle fiber:motor unit ratio? high (1000 fibers per unit)
What type of neurons innervate intrafusal fibers? gamma motoneurons
How much synaptic current is required to intiate repetitive firing of a motoneuron? 1.5x the amount needed to recruit the neuron
Which type of muscle maximally contracts at higher frequencies (relative to the other muscle types)? fast fatigable
Explain the concept of motor unit plasticity. persistent changes in motor neuron activity can over time induce changes in muscle fiber type
How might an experimenter achieve more force from the muscles in the cats he is testing? increase the firing rate of active units and recruit more units
Which type of muscle's nerve fibers will have the lowest threshold? small motoneurons
If a firing rate of 20 Hz is needed to fully recruit all motor units of the soleus muscle, will a lower or higher frequency be needed to fully recruit a lateral rectus muscle? lower freq
Explain the size principle of motoneurons. Small motoneurons have a larger input resistance and thus a smaller current can is needed to successfully initiate a depolarization. Large motoneurons require more current to depolarize due to their small effective resistance
A 25 yr old pt with spinal muscular atrophy, a LMN disorder, should have what characteristic findings on exam? focal atrophy or diffuse muscle wasting, fasciculations, muscle weakness, decreased DTRs
Created by: sirprakes
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