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MTS KQSS Domain 3A

MTS study cards for Domain 3A

3.A1 List the responsibility of each of the following members of the training organizational structure: CNO, MPT&E, NETC, NPDC, Learning Centers, CCMM CNO: provides policy & strategies. MPT&E: gets people trained & to the fleet. NETC: Training those who serve. Learning Center: give instruction. CCMM: develop, revise, maintain courses. Learning Site: maintain facilities & equipment.
3.A1 List the responsibility of the Participating Activity: Participating activity assists in revision for developing courses.
3.A2 Describe the "A," "C," and "F" type courses of instruction. A: Rating basics. C: Specialized skills (NEC). F: Individual functional schools (paint school).
3.A3 Describe the instructor certification process in your training command. Journeyman Instructor Training, Instructor Indoc, Course Sit Through, P1-3 Satisfactory Evals, Designated by OIC.
3.A4 Discuss "attrition" and contrast its meaning in both operations and training. Academic Drops (grades), Non-academic (discipline, medical), Disenrollment (class cancelled).
3.A5 Discuss the ARB process. Can be convened if: -course average falls below min passing grade. -unable to achieve objectives after counseling, remediation, retesting, and an initial academic setback. POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: -continue with class, setback, or drop from training.
3.A6 Discuss test failure policies and associated grading criteria within your learning environment. Retest - passes retests will achieve minimum passing grade. If a student fails a retest after remediation, an ARB will be convened.
3.A7 Who determines what curriculum development model will be used for curriculum modifications within your learning environment? The Curriculum Control Authority determines whether to use task based or PPP.
3.A8 Who is responsible for maintaining a course audit trail/a master record? The CCMM/CISO (Curriculum & Instructional Standards Office).
3.A9 Describe the evaluation of instructors in laboratory/classroom/facilitated environments. Used to ensure the technical qualifications and instructional techniques of the instructor.
3.A10 Discuss the student critique program within your learning environment. Instructor, Course, and Quality of Life critiques.
3.A11 Discuss the importance of Formal Course Reviews and audit trails. Provides a check of different elements contained in a course and serves as an excellent source of internal feedback.
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