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The Russian Revolution-Collaspe of the Tsar's Regime
The March Revolution-The Provisonal Government
Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) leader of the Bolshevicks -Marxist -created an illegal called the Union for liberation of working class -He was arrested and shipped to siberia -after he went to exhile in switzerland
The Bolsheviks -under the rule of lenin -Russia could move straight into socialism -dedicated to a violent revolution
The Sealed Train -Used to ship Lenin off
The April Thesis-Peace, Land, and Bread -(april 20) Lenin's blueprint for revolutionary action -said that soviets soldiers,workers,and peasents were ready made instruments of power
The Bolshevik Revolution- October 1917
The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk -Removed Russia from the war -Between Germany and the Bolshevicks -German confiscation of Russian land
The Russian Civil War
Leon Trostsky and The Red Army -(1870-1940) Chairman of Petrograd soviet - Also Leader of the Bolshevicks
Red Terror -lenin and Trotsky launched red terror against oppnents -instiyuted by the cheka
War Communism
The Paris Peace Conference - 5 seperate treaties with the defeated nations -inclding the treaty ok versailles
The Big Four - America, italy, France and Britain
The 14 Points - woodrow wilson's speech
Created by: apeurogroup