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Chapter 9 Prostart


helps maintain fruit's structure acids
causes cell breakdown quickly making fruit soft alkalis
vegetable in cabbage family that survives both winter and spring brassica
browning process caramelization
sauce made from simmering dried fruits compote
hot or cold sauce made from pureed vegetable or fruit coulis
sticks or pieces of raw veggies that are often seasoned crudites
cutting product into cubes dicing
fruits with central pit enclosing seed drupes
chemical process that occurs when oxygen comes in contact with fruit enzymatic browning
gas emitted from certain fruits that cause fruits to ripen ethylene
tender greens planted in spring and harvested a few weeks later field mixes
sweetness of fruit fructose
organ from ovary of flowering plant fruit
group of plants containing mushrooms and single celled organisms fungi
provides gloss and sheen glazing
grown indoors in regulated temperatures and light in nutrient enriched water hydroponic farming
seed blend including leafy lettuce mesclun mix
small handheld tool used to zest peel of citrus fruit microplane
fine chop cut mincing
partially cooks veggies in boiling water parboiling
food cooked in simmering liquid poaching
enzyme that causes browning to quickly occur polyphenol oxidase
food is cooked to tender enough to mince pureed
rating system based on standards quality grades
plants that exist both above and below ground root vegetables
process of removing pods from veggies and fruit seed
food is cooked over a long period of time sous vide
pears melons plums summer fruits
japanese style breaded and deep fried veggies tempura
fruits that cant tolerate frost tropical fruits
fat underground stems tuber veggies
edible herb like plant vegetable
apples, limes tangerines winter fruits
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