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Chapter 8 Prostart


strategy of steps to carry out so a problem doesn't recur action plan
tendency toward idea based on prejudice bias
offer protections for children and youth in workplace child labor laws
person with complaint in regards to harassment complainant
shows person's interest in job with an outline of experience and education cover letter and resume
employee learns function of another job within operation cross training
many groups of people have common beliefs or share common ways of acting that produce tendencies to act a certain way based on beliefs and habits cultural tendencies
making a decision based on prejudice discrimination
variety of people with different backgrounds experiences opinions religions ages talents and abilities diversity
contains general information about employment related to company employee manual
formal evaluation of work over certain period of time employee performance appraisal
enforces law that every person get fair chance at any job opening equal employment opportunity commission
set of moral values that a society holds ethics
not legally entitled to overtime or minimum wage established exempt positions
personal drive come from desire to receive something external motivation
staement of desired results goals
slur or other verbal or physical conduct related to person that interferes with person's performance or creates unhealthy environment harassment
workplace where complaints are handled appropriately and respects is ongoing harassment free environment
drive to do well without incentive internal motivation
people skills interpersonal skills
form filled out by those wanting a job job application
defines work involved in assignment or postion job description
states purpose of organization to employees and customers mission statement
demonstrating proper behavior expected for others modeling
reason a person takes action or behaves in a certain way motivation
must be paid for every hour of overtime nonexempt positions
description or statement of what is to be achieved objective
process to integrate new employees into organization onboarding
skills easily demonstrated and practiced on the job training
goals focusing on broad statements for what is to be achieved organizational goals
process that helps learn about procedures and policies and introduce to coworkers orientation
most effective way a manager can can rate and evaluate performance performance appraisal form
ways in which managers interact with staff and value system that governs daily conduct personal treatment
servers enter orders and prompts for other order information point of sale systems
meaningful communication among employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds positive cross cultural interaction
general attitude toward a person on basis of judgements unrelated to abilities prejudice
logical sequence that leads to reasonable conclusion problem solving
explore all of problem's potential causes problem solving model
sum of activities to meet goals and or further career professional development
combination of knowledge skills attitudes and behavior shown while at job professionalism
iniative of problem root cause
discussions before an interview screening interviews
generalization that all in a certain group are the same stereotypes
series of interviews successive interviewing
group of diverse individuals working to meet a task or goal team
working to complete a task using everyone's strengths teamwork
process of acquiring a competence of a specific job training
number of people who leave company in a given time period turnover
describes what an organization wants to become and why it exists vision statement
principles used in setting professional tone and behavior workplace ethic
no violation is forgiven zero tolerance policy
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