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a collection of pus from a localized infection abscess
a loss/lack of scalp hair (baldness) alopecia
an injury to the skin causing discoloration and swelling without breaking the skin surface (bruise) contusion
a closed sac or pouch that contains fluid cyst
a scar cicatrix
swelling caused by accumulation of fluid (in tissue) edema
profuse (not necessarily excessive) sweating diaphoresis
a torn or jagged wound laceration
an eroded lesion of the skin or mucous membrane ulcer
an inflammation of skin originating from an infection of connective tissue within the dermis cellulitis
a skin sore caused by pressure or immobility while lying down (bedsore) decubitus ulcer
tissue death and decay caused by loss or reduction of blood supply gangrene
a chronic skin condition characterized by red lesions covered with silvery scales psoriasis
a form of skin cancer characterized by formation of purple or brown patches on the skin that spread by way of lymphatics; used as a sign of AIDS Kaposi's sarcoma
an inflammatory skin disease characterized by redness, blisters, scaling, and sensations of itching/burning eczema
a precancerous skin condition caused by exposure to sunlight; marked by overgrowths of outer epidermal layer actinic keratosis
a tumor that arises from epithelium of epidermis; can spread locally if not treated but seldom metastasizes basal cell carcinoma
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