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cleft palate congenital abnormality in which roof of mouth fails to close during prenatal development leaving a fissure
breech birth abnormal childbirth in which the buttocks,feet,or knees emerge first
Down syndrome congenital disorder caused by genetic defect in chromosome 21, resulting in degrees of mental retardation/other physical defects
ectopic pregnancy pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus
preeclampsia abnormal development of high blood pressure that may be accompanied with proteinuria and edema, all due to toxemia during pregnancy
fetal alcohol syndrome condition caused by alcohol ingestion during pregnancy/can cause dysfunction and growth abnormalities in the newborn
spina bifida congenital defect of vertebral column; results from an absence of the vertebral arches and often leads to severe inflammation of the spinal meninges
abortion termination of pregancy by expulsion of embryo or fetus from uterus
abruption placentae premature seperation of placenta from uterine wall; results in either premature birth or fetal death
congenital anomaly abnormally present at birth
eclampsia condition characterized by convulsions and possibly coma during pregnancy
obstetrical sonography ultrasound imaging of the pregnant uterus to observe fetal development; the ultrasoun image is call a sonogram
cesarean section surgical delivery by making an incision through the abdomen and uterus
therapeutic abortion termination of pregnancy by artificially induced expulsion of the embryo or fetus by means of either surgery or drugs
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