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First MCPOCG "August 1, 1969 BMCM Charles L. Calhoun "
Personal relationships are unacceptable at units with less than how many people? 60
Chiefs were established in what year? 1894
What year was the Coast Guard Auxillary created? 1939
What year did all ranks and rates become available to women? 1978
Who were the first women to serve in the CG? "1918. Twin sisters Genevieve and Lucille Baker "
The cuff of an ODU sleeve should equal how many inches when rolled up? "3 inches
To protect the user from Shock, tools must have a ______ and be used with grounded receptacles? "3-wire prong cord with grounding "
"3-wire prong cord with grounding " "A and B "
Which service does not have warrant officers "Air Force "
Who is the Author of Roots? "Alex Haley 1959 "
Who founded the Revenue Cutter Service, he ordered Revenue Marine Officers be commissioned, and helped cite Title 14 of U.S. Code that Coast Guard is a military service. "Alexander Hamilton "
______ is a nontoxic drug that interferes when the body metabolizes alcohol. When a user drinks alcohol, they experience a flu-like reaction. "Antabuse "
What is the most important component of instructing personnel effectively? "Attitude "
Who retired in Jan 1987 w/44 yrs, 4 mos, & 27 days of active duty svc? Career spans 3 wars, & sea svc on 34 vessels "BMCM Donald Horsley "
What is the only manned light house still in the Coast Guard "Boston Harbor "
Addiction Prevention Specialist cannot be assigned what type of duties "CDAR "
"What document is used for an award? " CG1650.PDF
In 1995 What ship caught 578 migrants "CGC Dauntless "
Harriet Lane fired the first shot of which War? "Civil War "
_________ are automatically cancelled after 12 months "Commandant Notices "
Ear phones are only allowed while in uniform while ______ ? "Commuting "
The ____ is the ONLY person who is responsible for source selection in a PR "Contacting Officer, (KO) "
Members who are involved in an Alcohol SITUATION are to be what "Counseled "
___ is a relaxation technique to help minimize stress. "Cultivating your artistic or creative talents "
"Standard Operating Procedures have no? "Defined format "
Who was the First female Warrant Officer? "Elizabeth Splane 1958 "
The Directives, Publications and Reports Index (DPRI) are what? "A listing of publications in use by the Coast Guard? "
Credited w/saving 600+ lives, 2 gold, 3 silver medals and other awards during his career? "Joshua James "
What form do you click on for the coast guard memorandum "Macros II "
Who won the medal of honor during the civil war while fighting for the union "Marcus hanna "
What medal do you have to do a 1page action report for "Meritorious service medal "
A Coast Guard Reservist working at his civilian job dies in a car accident. Is it reported as a mishap report? "No "
What size cutter allows interpersonal relationships? "None "
What rank is a Lieutenant General "O-8 "
Surgeon General is what rank? "O-9 Vice Admiral "
Who was the First female Master Chief? "Pearl Faulrie "
_____ allows selected enlisted personnel to attend college full-time for 2 yrs, with a goal of qualifying to attend OCS. "PPEP "
_____ Training takes place in a classroom. It has specific beginning and graduation dates "Resident training "
Which revenue cutter captured the first prize of the war of 1812 "Rev cutter Jefferson "
What is considered a special requirement for Advancement "Sea Service "
EMI cannot last for more than _____ hours a day "Two "
What war did the surveyor and the Narcissic fight in? "War of 1 812 "
CGC Tampa sunk in what war "WWI "
First Master Chief "YNCM Jack Kerwin Nov. 1 1958 "
"A member has ___ days to submit an appeal after signing the counseling " 15 Calendar Days
What war did the surveyor and the Narcissic fight in 1812
What is the DPRI "Directives, Publications and Reports Index. A listing of publications in use by the Coast Guard? "
What kind of tag is on a piece of equipment that can not be turned on? "Red Danger tag. "
What were the first ten revenue cutters? "Vigilant, Active, Diligence, General Green, Scammel, Argus, Massachusetts, Virginia, South Carolina and the Eagle. "
The first woman to command a U.S. military vessel. "Beverly Kelley "
Who wrote Semper Paratus "Captain F. S. Van Boskerck "
HORST WESSEL was acquired by the United States as a war prize at the end of WWII was renamed what? "Eagle "
14. Lieutenant Commander Vivian Crea became the first woman from any service to hold this position "The Presidential Military Aide "
Cutters SPAR, BRAMBLE, and STORIS became the first U.S. vessels to do this in July 1957 "Transit the Northwest Passage. "
For sound powered phones, damage control information is passed on this circuit. "JZ "
Created by: mda000
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