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Emily 163-180

SAT Terms

Appreciate to rise in value
Depreciate to fall in value
Dearth an inadequate supply, scarcity
Duty a tax on imports
Remuneration payment due for a service
Belligerent at war, engaging in hostilities
Coerce to compel, to sue force to achieve one's goals
Covanent a solemn and binding agreement
Demarcation the settling or making of boundaries or limits
Dissolution to dissolve, fall apart
Dominion to have supreme authority over
Mandate an authoritative command requiring someone to do something
Sedition to incite resistance against lawful authority
Olfactory connected with the sense of smell
Palatable agreeable to the taste, hence acceptable
Savory appetizing to the taste or smell
Tactile connected with the sense of touch
Unpalatable not agreeable to the taste, hence unacceptable
Unsavory distasteful
Abstruse difficult to understand, very abstract
Aesthetics the study of beauty
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