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study guide EPME

Minimum bend radius for fiber optic cabling under tensile load 20 times the outside diameter
Minimum bend radius for fiber optic cabling not under tensile load 10 times the outside diameter
How many devices can be connected on an IDE controller? 2
How many wires to x-connnect 4 wire E&M Type1? 6
How many wires to x-connnect 4 wire E&M Type2? 8
How many 64K channels are in a T-1? 24
DS3 = How many T1's 28
1 Erlang = How many CCS 36
EIA/TIA section for administration standards 606
EIA/TIA section for grounding and bonding 607
EIA/TIA section for outside plant cabling 758
What voice processing system is used to track outgoing call information; number dialed, trunk accessed, or length of call? Call Accounting
What topology is best for fiber? Star
What is the expected loss of Fiber connector? .2-.5 dB max of -.75dB
0 dBrn equals how man dB? 0 dBrn = -90 dBm
One Erlang equals how many minutes for hold time? 60 minutes or 1 hour
ISDN PRI speed 1.544Mbps
Minimum Bend Radius (with no load) for backbone cable? 10 times the outside diameter.
What is the speed of an E-1? 2.048Mbps
Maximum strain allowed for a CAT5 cable? 25 LBS
Voltage rating for a Shorting Probe? 25,000 V
What is the maximum length backbone cable can be run? 2624 Ft
What is the minimum height a conduit must stub out of the floor? 3 inches
AIS risk assessments will be conducted every _______? 3 Years
How often should your CAC PIN be reset? 3 Years
How many minutes of hold time is 18 CCS? 30 mins
Minimum bend radius for 24 AWG UTP is ______ times the cable diameter 4 times the outside diameter or 1" for a 1/4" diameter cable
If you hold a light meter 3’ off the floor, what is the minimum amount of light allowed? 50 foot candles
Fiber optic pulling force, limitations begin at around 50LBS and can exceed a few hundred pounds
How long do you flush with water should you spill lead acid on them? 5-20 minutes for skin 15-20 for eyes
EIA/TIA section for commercial pathways and spaces 569A
EIA/TIA section for residential cabling 570A
Speed of one T-1 channel? 64Kbps
The horizontal distribution distance to the work area cannot exceed? 90 m (295 ft).
EIA/TIA 606 section contains what? Administration standards
What application is ALPETH cable used for? Aerial installations
What is ACD? All call distribution, a form of call distribution
What color is the 12th strand of fiber? Aqua
What article of the NEC would you reference for grounding and bonding? Article 250
What article of the NEC would you reference for Installing new TC? Article 645
NTFS compressed files are shown in what color? Blue
What topology is best for backbone cabling? Star
What voice processing system handles monitoring, queuing, and directing of incoming calls? Call Distribution
Who conducts AIS risk assessments? Certifying Official
Equipment History form number CG5454
What form number is the lock out tag out sheet? CG5604
Reference for locking and tagging out equipment onboard vessels? COMDTINST 9077.1C
What COMDINST would you look in to install a SIPRNET workstation? COMDTINST M2070.2
"""The ______ key allows for removal and replacement of an interchangeable core (IC). These are normally found in a master keyed system." Control Key
Name all of the key types? Control, Grand Master, Master, Operating, Special Keyed alike, special keyed different, duplicate
Wiring batteries in parallel increases what? Current
What is DPP? Daily Peak Period
What does dBRN stand for Decibels above Reference Noise.
What does DISA stand for? Defense Information Systems Agency
What number is the DHS National Security Sysytems Handbook? DHS 4300B
Which backup updates or removes the attribute bit? Differential
What organization governs SIPRNET? DISA
What does DITSCAP stand for? DoD Information Technology Security certification and Acredidation Process DoD 8510.1
"Those keys which duplicate operating keys and are stired separate from operating keys " Duplicate Keys
How often are the AIS contingency plans updated? Every 12 months
What is FDMI? Fixed Daily Measurement Interval
How are lead-acid batteries stored? Fully charged off of the ground
How are Ni-cad batteries stored Fully discharged
What connects two non-like networks? Gateway
"This key opens a series or system of Master keyed locks or all locks. Sometime referred to as a Top Master Key (TMK)" Grand Master Key
EIA/TIA 606 color code for network terminated in the MDF? Green
EIA/TIA 607 section contains what grounding and bonding
What does HDSL stand for? grounding and bonding " " High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line.
What kind of exchange site do cutters have when using immarsat B? Individual
How does a cutter connect to the CGDN? Inmarsat B
What are the components of an emergency power system? Inverter, rectifier and Battery
What AIS Classification Level is a system containing Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret? Level 1
What does LTO stand for? Linear Tape Open
What instruction is AIS security manual? M5500.13
What instruction is Physical security manual? M5530.1C
"A single key which opens a series or system of locks. Used for low value assets like office spaces. Master Keys
Minimum AWG for grounding wire? minimum 6 AWG 3/0 AWG recommended
Which type of file system is used by the Coast guard for it’s security features? NTFS
What protocol will allow users to edit characters on scanned documents OCR Optical Character Recognition
UPS that sits idle until activated? Offline
UPS that is continuosly powered? Online
The _______ key actuates the locking mechanism. Operating Keys
What equipment is used to test fiber optic cable? OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
EIA/TIA 758 section contains what outside plant cabling
PING stands for Packet INternet Groper
What layer of OSI does a media adapter work at? Physical
What color is LAN, PBX, or CPU equipment in the MDF? Purple
When do you run performance optimizer? After relocating exchange database files.
EIA/TIA 570-A section contains what Residential cabling
What protocol does Outlook uses? S/MIME
EIA/TIA 569A section contains what section for commercial pathways and spaces
Wiring batteries in series increases what? Voltage
Maximum Distance allowed for Singlemode fiber? 3000m 9843FT
Maximum Distance allowed for Multimode fiber? 2000m 6560FT
Maximum Distance allowed for UTP copper? 800m 2625FT
Link between TMGB and TGB is what? TBB
TBB Telecom Bonding Backbone
TBBIBC Telecom Bonding Backbone Interconnecting Bonding Conductor
TGB Telecom Grounding Busbar
TMGB Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar
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