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A&P II Female Repro

Female Reproductive System - Lab

Colectively the mons pubis, labia majora and minora, clitoris, hymen and vestibular glands are referred to as... Vulva
A mound of adipose tissue that covers the pubic symphysis Mons Pubis
Two large skin covered folds of adipose tissue Labia Majora
Two smaller, hairless skin covered folds of adipose tissue Labia Minora
Protective covering of the clitoris the labia minora joins to form Prepuce or Hood
Cylidrical column of erectile tissue Clitoris
Releases mucus to lubercate the vagina, located on the lateral sides Vestibular Glands
Thin connective tissue located around the perimeter of the vagina Hymen
Space enclosed by the labia minora that includes the vaginal orifice and urethral orifice Vestibule
Large diamond shape region that extends from the mons pubis to the anus Perineum
Area between vaginal orifice and the anus Clinical Perineum
Two suspended almond shaped glands Ovaries
Thin, sheet like broad ligament attaches to both ovaries Mesovarium
Mesovarium on the surface of the ovary is called and gives rise to 90% of ovarian cancers. Germinal Epithelium
Double layer peritoneal membrane that functions to reduce friction between ovaries and other structures as well as anchor to the pelvic wall Broad Ligament
Paired lateral ligament that attach the ovary to the pelvic wall and provide a pathway for the ovarian vessels Suspensory Ligament
Supportive ligaments resposible for attaching ovaries to the uterus Medial Left & Right Ovarian Ligaments
Female sex cell Oocyte
Sex hormaonse produced by the ovaries Estrogen & Progesterone
Formation of the oocyte is called Oogenesis
The relase of one oocyte from an ovary Ovulation
Fibrous covering of the ovaries Tunica Albuginea
Internal inner region of the ovary composed of loose connective tissue, blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves Medulla
Internal outer region of the ovary composed of compact tissue containing tiny masses of cells Cortex
Tiny masses of cells within the cortex that are composed of single layer squamous epithelial cells completly surrounding an oocyte Primordial Ovarian Follicle
Tiny masses of a single layer of cuboidal cells surrounding an oocyte Primary Ovarian Follicle
Tiny masses of a multi layer cells surrounding an oocyte Secondary Ovarian Follicle
Follicle with an antrum surrounding the oocyte Mature Follicle
Immature oocyte that has not completed myosis I Primary Oocyte
Around the time of ovulation an oocyte completes myosis I creating a single cell known as a polar body Secondary Oocyte
Fluid filled area of the mature follicle Antrum
Jelly like substance surrounding the secondary oocyte Zona Pellucida
When released the secondary oocyte is surrounded by follicle cells known as Corona Radiata
Ruptured follicle divide and produce progesterone that is visably yellow Corpus Luteum
Corpus luteum function is to maintain _________ & ________ levels until the placenta takes over. Estrogen & Progesterone
Corpus luteum cells die if pregnancy does not occur leaving white scar tissue Corpus Albicans
Hollow pear shaped structure thats funtion is to contain a fetus and propel in into the world Uterus
Outer, delicate layer of the uterus formed from the visceral peritoneum of the broad ligament Perimetrium
Middle, thick layer of the uterian wall composed of three layers of smooth muscle Myometrium
Inner layer of the uterus composed of blood vessles and gladular epithelium Endometrium
Composed of smooth muscle and ciliated columnar epithelium it functions to receive and transport fertilized oocyte Uterine Tubes
Funnel shaped distal portion of the uterine tube that receives the ovulated secondary oocyte Infundibulum
Finger like projections that sweep the ovulated secondary oocyte into the infundibulum Fimbriae
From the infundibulum to oocyte moves to ... Ampulla
Opens to the superior lateral body of the uterus and has a thick muscular wall but a very narrow lumen Isthmus
Inferior portion of the uterus, functions to connect the uterus and vagina. Composed of smooth muscle cells. Cervix
External opening of the cervical canal composed of nonkeratinized stratified epithelium External Os
Internal opening of the cervical canal, composed of simple columnar epithelial Internal Os
Vaginal canal remains closed due to folds known as Rugae
Modified sweat glands that function to secrete and produce milk Mamory Glands
Pigmented external portion of the breasts Areola
Raised external portion of the breasts Nipple
External openings found on the nipple Lactiferous Duct Openings
Glands that produce milk and are arranged around the lactiferous ducts Alveoli
Widening of the lactiferous duct at the opening Lactiferous Sinus
A colection of alveolar glands drained into a single lactiferous duct forms a ________ and many form a ________ Lobule & Lobe
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