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abduct v. To carry away by force; to kidnap.
abduction n. The act or instance of abducting.
abode n. The place where one lives; home.
abyss n.1 A deep opening in the earth.
abyss n.2 Anything too deep to measure.
arbitrate v. To settle a disagreement between two parties by having a third party make a decision after hearing both sides.
arbitration n. The act of arbitrating.
attribute v. To think of as coming from or belonging to a particular person or thing.
attribute n. A quality or feature associated with a person or thing.
capricious adj. Likely to change quickly for no obvious reason.
compromise v.1 To settle a disagreement by having each side give up something.
compromise v.2 To expose to the possibility of criticism or shame.
compromise n. A settlement reached by each side giving up something.
devout adj.1 Very religious.
devout adj.2 Sincere.
distraught adj. Deeply disturbed; very troubled.
enlighten v. To inform or instruct; to give knowledge or truth to.
enlightened adj. Free from ignorance or prejudice.
incline v.1 To slope or lean.
incline v.2 To be likely to; to have a fondness for.
incline v.3 To bend or bow (the head).
incline n. A sloping surface.
intervene v. To enter in order to help or settle something.
intervention n. The act or instance of intervening.
necessity n.1 Anything that cannot be done without or that is greatly needed.
necessity n.2 The condition of being needed.
orbit n. The path taken by an object around a heavenly body such as a star, planet, or moon.
orbit v. To put into or be in orbit.
sacred adj.1 Holy; having to do with religion.
sacred adj.2 Worthy of being given the greatest honor or respect.
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