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A&P II Male Repro

Male Reproductive System - Lab

The two external genitalia of the male anatomy include Scrotum & Penis
The testes, genital ducts and acessory glands make up the _________ ________of the male reproductive system Internal Genitalia
Male sex cell Spermatoza or Sperm
Function is to produce sperm Testes
White fibrous connective tissue capsule that surrounds the testes. Tunica Albuginea
Tunica Albuginea extends inward to partition the the organ into lobules. These partitions are called... Septa
There are about 250 of these in each testicle Lobule
Each Lobule has 1-4 _____________ ________ Seminiferous Tubules
Cells that produce testosterone are located outside of the Seminiferous Tubules Leydig Cells or Intersticial Cells
Sperm moves from a lobule into a straight tubule known as ... Tubulus Rectus or straight Tubule
From the straight tubule the sperm travels to ... Rete Testis
Sperm moves out of the testis into the tubules of the epididymus via the ___________ ____ Efferant Ducts
The function of the scrotum is to ... Regulate Temperature
Sperm development occurs over a 75 day period known as... Spermatogenesis & Spermiogenesis
Sperm cells only last __ - __hours in the female reproductive tract 48-72
The head of the sperm is covered by a membranous cap ... Acrosome
Contains mitochondria that produce ATP energy needed for the tail of the sperm. Midpiece
Flagellum that propels the sperm Tail
Highly coiled coma shaped organs outside of the testes where sperm matures. Epididymus
Epididymus are composed of three areas, name them. Head, Body & Tail
The portion of the epididymus where sperm is stored. Tail
Smooth muscle of the epidiymus contracts during ejaculation propelling sperm to straight fibromuscular tubes. Ductus Deferens
The epididymus leaves the scrotum and enters the abdiminopelvic cavity via the ... Inguinal Canal
Just before reaching the prostate gland the deferens enlarges to form an Ampulla
At the ampulla the deferens join the seminal vesicle to form the ... Ejaculatory Duct
Carry seman through the prostate gland to joine the urethra Ejaculatory Duct
The region of the urethra that passes through the prostate Prostatic Urethra
The region of the urethra that passes through the urogenital diaphram Membranous Urethra
The region of the urethra that passes through the shaft of the penis Penile Urethra
Contain the proimal deferentia, testicular arteries and veins, lymph vessels, testicular nerves, cremaster muscle and connective tissue. Spermatic Cords
Fuctions of the spermatic cords Suspend Testes Regulated Temperature Provide Passageway to & From Testes
Seman leaves the urethra through the ... External Urethral Orifice
An alkaline, nutrient rich fluid for sprem to travel in. Seminal Fluid
Seminal fluid that is added to sperm is called ... Semen or Ejaculate
Pouch like glands on either side of the urinary bladder that produce 60-70% of seminal fluid. Seminal Vesicles
Pea sized glandslocated at the base of the penis and produces seminal fluid released immediately before ejaculation. Bulbourethral Glands
Walnut sized gland that surrounds the urethra at the base of the urinary bladder, producing 25-30% seminal fluid. Prostate Gland
The penis attachs at the ... Root
The middle region of the penis Shaft
The enlarged tip of the penis Glans Penis
Two cylinders of erctile tissue located dorsally Corpra Carvenosa
Cylinder of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra on the ventral surface of the penis and enlarges to form the glans penis Corpora Spongiosum
The skin that covers the glans penis Prepuce or Foreskin
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