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precancerous form of cervical cancer cancer in situ
painful or difficult sexual intercourse dyspareunia
abnormal passage from one hollow organ to another fistula
inflammation of the female organs within the pelvic cavity pelvic inflammatory disease
"collection" of symptoms such as tension, irritability, mastalgia, edema, and headache that usually strike during 10 days prior to menstruation premenstrual syndrome
displacement of uterus that results in a downward location, often crowding the vagina; also referred to as hysteroptosis prolapsed uterus
infectious disease characterized by rapid onset of symptoms such as high fever, skin rash, diarrhea, vomiting, and myalgia ... followed by hypotension leading shock and, in severe cases, death ... liked to noncotton tampon use toxic shock syndrome
surgical repair of a protrusion of the bladder against the anterior vaginal wall and protrusion of the rectum against the posterior vaginal wall anterior and posterior colporrhaphy
dilation of the cervix and scraping of the endometrial in order to control bleeding; obtain a tissue sample for biopsy, or remove polyps dilation and curettage
a diagnostic procedure in which a sample of cells from the cervix and vagina removed/examined microscopically for abnormalities Papanicolaou smear
sterilization procedure by ligating (cutting and tying) the fallopian tubes tubal ligation
instrument for opening the vaginal orifice to permit visual examination of the vagina and beyond vaginal speculum
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