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chapter 17

Lack of circulation due to a stoppage of blood flow? Blood stasis
Having a body temperature within the normal range? Febrile
Temporary cessation of respiration or periods of no respiration that last more than 15 seconds? Apnea
The gradual return of body temperature to normal after a period of fever? Lysis
There are three basic heart sounds? True or False False. Two
Blood pressure readings should routinely start at what age? 5 years
The normal pulse rate for adults is 40-60 beats per minute? True or False False. 60-100 beats per minute
The artery most commonly used for taking a patient's pulse is? Radial
Respiratory term that means difficulty breathing? Dyspnea
When temperature is taken rectally, the thermometer should be left in the rectum for how many minutes? 5 minutes
The process of determining the circumference of an infant's head is called? Mensuration
The stethoscope amplifies what sound? Body
A scale that registers the actual BP reading? Manometer
The normal BP rate for young adults is? 118/76
The difference between the apical pulse rate and the radial pulse rate? Pulse deficit
A pulse rate below 60 beats per minutes is called Bradycardia? True or False True
Pertaining to a substance that reduces fever? Antipyretic
BP Blood Pressure
An instrument used to measure BP? Sphygmomanometer
Hypotension means high blood pressure? True or false False. Hypertension
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