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Personnel Journey Volume 1 Personnel Community

001. Joint warfare is what type of warfare? A Team Warfare
001. What is at the joint force commander's (JFC) disposal? Joint force commander's (JFC)may choose the cabilitiesc they need from the forces at there disposal.
001. What does joint doctrine promote? A common perspective from which to plan, train and conduct military operations.
001. What is the US Military based on? Values that the US militaryexperience has proven to be vital for operational success.
002. Past demographics of the personnel career filed allowed for each base to have what? A high magnitude of personnel authorizations
002. The archhtecture of the base level authorizations was dispersed between what two offices? What was then know as the Military personnel flight( MPF) and the Commanders support staff(CSS).
002. What is the mission of the MPF? provide personnel support to commander, Air Dorce member, and there family member, and to administer Air Force Personnel programs in both peacetime and wartime.
002. Program budget decision (PBD) 720 has introduced the need for what? An immediately avaiable AF interim solution to enable our reduced number of personnel service providers at the base level to deliver quality service that meets our strategic delivery goal.
003. How did the transformation of the squadron structure begin? With a test of different mission support squadron (MSS) configures and has incorporated the ongoing services transformation efforts.
003. What was the goal of phase I? To realign each MSS organization and consolidate seven flights into five.
003. What was the goal of Phase II? To futher consolidate to four flights
004. What is the vision of the Total Forces Services Center (TFSC? Customer service experts available 24/7 with smart tools, delivering high quality customer service.
004. What is the mission of the Total Force Service center(TFSC)? Leverage technology to excute and integrate personnel operations to support commanders, their people, and personnel field activities.
005. What is our job as a personnelist? To take care of personnel actions releated to our customers(active duty, retirees, dependents, guardsmen, and reservist on active duty status)
005. What section is the focal point for the translation of all military personnel policies and programs into individual actions affecting people? The military Personnel section (MPS)
005. The MPS was created based on what concept? The "learning organization" concept.
005. Define "Learning Organization". An Organization where all personnel within the organization can perform the full range of personnel task.
006. What type of support does the commander support staff provide? Direct support to the commander at unit level.
006. The CSS organizational structure is established by whom? Unit commander
006. The CSS serves as a communications line between the commander and what other groups of people? Between the unit members and the commander and the commander and base agencies.
007. Name the two personnel activities. Geographically seperated unit(GSU) and Satellite personnel activity (SPA)
007. Which office is responsible for personnel activities? The MPS
007. Describe (GSU)geographically seperated unit. A unit that is not within one hour driving time(one way) of it's serviceing MPS is normally considered to be geograhically seperated.
007. Describe satellite personnel agency(SPA) An extension or operating location of the MPS.
008. What makes up an Air Force Specialty code (AFSC)? An AFSC is the basic grouping of position requiring similar skills and qualifications.
008. What is an Air Force specialty(AFS) grouped into? Career field ladders, career field subdivisions, and career fields to provide for career development in different aspects of a career field.
008. What may an AFSC by subdivided into to identify specialization in a specific type of equipment of function? Alphabetical "shredout" to idenify specialization in a specific type of equipment of function.
009. Describe the difference between duties and responsibilities. Duties are the task you have to do, responsibilities are the things you do to accomplish the task.
2-010. What is the goal of the information Security program? To efficietively protect Air Force information by delegating authority ti the lowest level possible.
2-010. Material other than orinary paper documents must have what makings? the same information either marked on it or made immediately available to holders by other means.
2-010. What markingd are classified documents required to have? The orverall classification of the document, the agency, office of orgin, and the date of the document, and finally the office source document that classifed the document.
2-010. Name five item that you must be familiar with when taking care of working paper 1. Dated when created 2. marked with the highest classification of any information contained int he document and annotate "Working Paper" 3. Destroyed when no longer needed. 4. protected IAW 5. Marked in the same manner as a finished doc class level.
2-011. Name three factors to consider during the risk assessment process. 1.The enviornment in which the material will be hand carried. 2.The sensitivity of the information. 3. The availity of authorized facilities for storing the classified during overnight layover at the tdy location.
2-011. Why are laptops a hig risk? Because of there commerical Value.
2-011. When using laptops to hadcarry classified information, what must couriers take into consideration? Couriers must ensure both laptops and disk are prepared properly.
Who do you talk to in order to educate your self on the proper procedures for transporting COMSEC information and material? Supproting COMSEC manager.
When we talk about proper customer service techniques we are talking about what? Effective communication techniques
Every Task accomplished as a personnel specialist has a direct effect on what? Another individuals career
What are two ways you work with induviduals? Directly or over the phone, so it is extremly important to maintain an open line of communication with you customers.
What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone? Their appearence
What are the mandatory guidelines set by AFI 33-332, Air Force Privacy Act Program? Collecting , safeguarding, maintaing, using, accessing, amending, and diseminating personal data kept in system of records.
Provision of the Privacy Act program allow the Air Force to do what? Collect, maintain , use or disclose personel information.
What makes up an official system of record? Authorized by law or executive order, need to carry out Air Force mission or function, published in Federal Register.
Before you can release personel information to third parties, what must you do first? Make sure such release is authorized, consider the consequences, and check the information accuracy.
What does a military record consist of? Feild Record Group, The Officer Command Selection Record Group of Airman Command Record group, The master personnel record group, and the officer selection record.
What is the purpose of the military record system? Maintain personnel documents to protect the legal and financial rights of the government and the individual and to record the history of the person's service, to support personnel manager, commander, and supervisors as they manage Air Force personnel
What is the AF Form 10 used for? The folder used when creating the Field record Group
When is the Officers Field group record is put together? At the first permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty (TDY) unit or agency that process the officer onto EAD, active reserve, or Guard status, Which ever comers first, establishes AF form 10.
Describe joint doctrine joint doctrine promotes a common perspective from which to plan, train and conduct operations.
Describe the term "unified action" Unified action refers to sychronization, coordination and integration of the activities of governmental and non governmental entities with military operations to achieve unity of effort.
Name the 5 activites of joint operation planning that must be done to plan for an anticipated operation? Mobilization planning, deployment planning, employment planning, sustainment planning, redeployment planning
What is JOPES? A System of joint policies, procedures, and reporting structures supported by communications and computer systems.
Who uses JOPES and what do they use it for? JOPES is used by the joint planners to monitor , plan, and execute planning activities during peace and crisis.
What is DECAPES? DECAPES is the Air Force's War-planning system and provides Air Force feed to JOPES.
What is the objective of DECAPES? To enabke Air Force unique operations planning and execution processes which include associated joint policy procedures.
Define total force accountability? The accurant accounting for all Air Force at all times regardless of location.
What makes up the total force? the term total force consist of air force Active duty and air Reserve components (ARC) as well as the in- planceforce at reception bases.
Name 5 elements of the Total force accountability? Strength, unit , Replacement, Transiet, Taskes-Wing Accountability
Why do member of the AF Reserves consider them selves Citizen Airman? Because in addition to their Military duties, they are employed in the private sector in a wide varity of career field; yet they dedicate a considerable portion of their lives to serving as part of the total force.
What is the secondary purpose of the AEF? The secondary purpose of the AEF is to provise predicatability and stability to Airman.
In order for joint doctrin to promote a perspective that is used to plan, train, and conduct military operation, it represents what is taught, belived, and avocated as what is right(What works best)
What is the process guides the CCDR in developing plans for possible employment of the military instrument of National power to meet contigences and respond to unforseen crises Joint operation planning
The provision of logistics and personnel services required to maintain and prolong operations until sucessful ,issions accomplishment describe Sustainment planning
Total Force accountablitiy is defined as the accurate accounting for all Air Force at all times Regardless of location
Total force accountability can be expanded by the theater commander or supported command to inculde all of the following except IncludE: DOD emergency Cilivians, Essential contractors, Allied forces.. Nozt Include: Dependets
The grard is Unique institution with both federal and State mission
The AEF primary purpose is Warfighter support
Airman are assigned to UDM authorazations that are postured in the UTC. the UTC's are a one of the AEF of Enable finder
The AF pesents it's forces capabilities to satisfy commander requirments through AEF concept
Global force Management is a proces s to align Force appointments , assignments and allocation methodologies in support of the defense
AF manpower and logistics requiremnts documentd in JOPES/DECAPEStime phased force deployment data are used in support of all the following except OPLAN, COPLAN, and OPORD not in (SOD)Sechedule of event
A UTC is consided complete once It is registered in TUCHA with all MPE and /or equipment detail
Standard unit type codes are used in JOPES /DECAPES to identify manpower and logistic requirments for all except Deployment, movement , and plan excution. Not Sustainment actions
Which UTC attribute is a code identifying the deployment status of a UTC Deployment indactor
personnel UTC are generally built to accommodate how many days od sustainesd cability, 30 Days
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