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Chapter 6 Prostart

create a savory aroma with herbs spices and flavorings aromatics
meat served in own juice au jus
sauce made with milk and white roux bechamel
thickener using equal parts of flour and whole butter beurre manie
cream soup made from pureed shellfish shell bisque
also known as broth bouillon
bag of herbs bouquet garni
sauce made from brown stock and roux espagnole sauce
amber liquid produced from browned bones brown stock
strain liquids to remove solid ingredients metal cone shape china cap
very fine china cap with metal mesh chinois
liquid remaining after removing raft clarified
flavored stocks broths and consommes clear soups
mixture of butter and flavorings compound butter
coarsly chopped mixture concasse
thick pureed liquid coulis
aromatic vegetable broth court bouillon
removing cooled and hardened fat from stock degreasing
rich brown sauce using espagnole and veal stocks demi glace
illness causing microorganisms in food foodborne pathogens
highly flavored stock made of fish bones fumet
reduced stock with jellylike consistency glace
5 classic sauces that are bases for all other sauces grand sauces
emulsified grand sauce made with butter yolk lemon and cayenne hollandaise
rich lightly reduced sauce for roasted meat jus
sauce made from juices of cooked meat and brown stock jus lie
mixture of yolk and heavy cream liaison
softened butter flavored with lemon juice and parsley maitre d'hotel butter
french for mixture that provides flavor base for stock mirepoix
burnt onion oignon brule
floating layer of consomme raft
french for rewetting remouillage
thickender made of equally flour and fat roux
bag of herbs and spices sachet depices
cold mixture of herbs spices fruits and veggies salsa
liquid or semi-solid product used in preping other food items sauce
specialize in sauces saucier
cornstarch and cold liquid slurry
flavorful liquid made by gently simmering bones and veggies stock
slowly mixing to prevent curdling temper
cream or puree soups thick soups
grand sauce made of stock and tomatoes tomato sauce
made from mirepoix leeks and turnips vegetable stock
grand sauce made from stock and roux veloute
clear pale liquid made from simmering bones white stock
easy way to strain sauce using cheesecloth wringing method
given amount of a dish that a recipe makes yield
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