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nervous system

what are the 3 functions of the nervous system detect changes & feel sensations; initiate appropriate responses to changes; organize information for immediate use & store it for future use
the central nervous system (aka CNS) consist of what 2 structures brain and spinal cord
the peripheral nervous system (aka PNS) consists of what cranial nerves and spinal nerves
the autonomic nervous system (aka ANS)is also part of the PNS
what do we call nerve cells neurons
what do the dendrites do carry impulses to the cell body
what do the axons do carry impulses away from the cell body
in the PNS what type of cells make up the myelin sheath Schwann cells
what cells make up the myelin sheath in the CNS oligodendrocytes
what is the difference between the myelin sheath in the CNS v. PNS no neurolemmas because the schwann cells are missing
are the neurolemmas on the inside or outside of the myelin sheath outside
there is a little space between the dendrite of one cell and the axon of another - what is this space called synapse
impulses have to jump the gap so what does the synapse guarantee one way transmission
what cells contribute to the blood brain barrier astrocytes
what are the 2 functions of the spinal cord transmit impulses to & from brain; integrate spinal cord reflexes
the spinal cord is protected from mechanical injury by what bones vertebrae
mixed neurons are found only in the CNS
CSF is formed where choroid plexus
where in the brain is the CSF reabsorbed arachnoid villi
ascending & descending tracts of the spinal cord - are they located in the white or gray matter white matter
cell bodies of motor neurons and in the spinal cord, neurons & interneurons are located in the white or gray matter gray matter
CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) is found where in the spinal cord structure central canal
of the 31 pairs of nerves that emerge from spinal cord, how many of the pairs are in the cervical 8
how many in the thoracic 12
how many in the lumbar 5
how many in the sacral 5
how many in the small coccygeal 1
the surface of the cerebal hemisphere is called gray matter or cerebral cortex
in the human brain the folds of the cerebral cortex are called gyri
what are the convolutions called sulci
in what part of the lobe of the brain do you find "Broca's" motor speech area frontal lobe
neurons are electrically insulated by the presence of what structure myelin sheath
the connective tissue membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord is called meninges
what is the outer layer of the connective tissue called dura mater
what is the middle layer called arachnoid space
the inner layer is called pia mater
what area of this connective tissue membrane that covers the brain & spinal cord contains CSF subarachnoid space
do we continuously or intermittently form CSF continuously
how many pairs of cranial nerves do we have 12
making up the autonomic nervous system are visceral motor neurons that go to what 3 things cardiac muscle, smooth muscle & glands
what are the 2 divisions of the ANS sympathetic and parasympathetic
when is sympathetic dominant stressful situations
when is parasympathetic dominant relaxed situations
name 2 neurotransmittors acetylcholine & norepinephrine
name 2 inactivators cholinesterase & MAO
when we perform a neurological assessment one of the 1st things we do is a Glasgow Coma Scale
do you find Schwann cells in the CNS no - only in the PNS
how would you define the term "reflex" involuntary response to a stimulus
what are the 5 personality disorders paranoid, schizoid, antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic
is autism a form of extreme hyperactivity no
is tourettes syndrome a condition with a person has multiple motor and vocal tics yes
is alzheimer disease the most frequent cause of dementia in people over the age of 65 yes
do bipolar pts have major mood swings of hyperactivity and depressive moments yes
somatoform disorders a group of disorders where a person has physical symptoms with or without an underlying cause without
in munchausen syndrome does a person simulate illness to gain attention yes
in sleep apnea does a person have problems sleeping no
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