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Esperanto: Verbs

Esperanto verbs

aĉeti buy; purchase
administri manage; deal; care; handle
agi act; move
akcepti accept; take; have
akiri get; acquire
akiri obtain
akuzi charge; accuse
aldoni add; add together
alporti bring; convey; take
alveni arrive; make it; get in; go far
alvoki call; telephone; call up; phone; ring
ami love
anonci announce; denote
argumenti argue; reason
aspekti look; appear; seem
ataki assail; assault; set on; attack
atendi expect; look; await; wait
atenti heed; mind; listen
atingi achieve; accomplish; attain; reach
aŭdi hear
aŭdi listen; hear; take heed
batali contend; fight; struggle
bobeni wind; wrap; roll; twine
damaĝi hurt; injure
danci dance; trip the light fantastic; trip the light fantastic toe
danki thank; give thanks
daŭrigi continue; go on; proceed; go along; keep
decidi decide; make up one's mind; determine
defii confront; face up; face
desegni trace; draw; line; describe; delineate
deziri wish
difekti damage
diri state; say; tell
diskuti hash out; discuss; talk over
dispremi squash; crush; squelch; mash; squeeze
disputi argue; contend; debate; fence
doni give
dubi doubt
eduki rear; raise; bring up; nurture; parent
edziĝi marry; get married; wed; conjoin; hook up with; get hitched with; espouse
ekspliki explain; explicate
ekzerci practice; practise; exercise; do
ekzisti exist; be
elekti choose; take; select; pick out
elpreni remove; take; take away; withdraw
elŝeligi skin; peel; pare
emigi induce; stimulate; cause; have; get; make
enhavi incorporate; contain; comprise
eniri enter; come in; get into; get in; go into; go in; move into
envolvi shroud; enshroud; hide; cover
esperi hope
esprimi express; state
esti be
eviti avoid
evolucii develop
fabriki produce; make; create
fali fall
fari make; create
fari make; do
fendi divide; split; split up; separate; dissever; carve up
fermi close; shut
fetori smell
fini complete; finish
fini end; stop; finish; terminate; cease
flugi fly; wing
fondi establish; found; plant; constitute; institute
forgesi forget
foriri exit; go out; get out; leave
fumi fume; smoke
gajni reach; make; attain; hit; arrive at; gain
gajni win
glui glue; paste
ĝojigi please; delight
ĝui enjoy; bask; relish; savor; savour
gustumi taste; savor; savour
gvidi lead; head
haltigi stop; halt
havi have; have got; hold
havi own; have; possess
helpi help; assist; aid
honori respect; honor; honour; abide by; observe
identigi identify; place
iĝi become; go; get
imiti imitate; copy; simulate
indiki bespeak; betoken; indicate; point; signal
inkluzivi include
instrui teach; learn; instruct
intenci intend; mean; think
iri travel; go; move; locomote
ĵeti throw
kalkuli number
kapitulaci surrender; give up
kapti catch; grab; take hold of
kiki kick
kisi snog; kiss; buss; osculate
klasi classify; class; sort; assort; sort out; separate
komandi control; command
komenciĝi get down; begin; get; start out; start; set about; set out; commence
kompari compare
kompreni sympathize; sympathise; empathize; empathise; understand
kompreni understand
koncedi admit; acknowledge
kondimenti season; flavor; flavour
konduki lead; take; direct; conduct; guide
konduti behave; acquit; bear; deport; conduct; comport; carry
konsenti agree; hold; concur; concord
konservi keep; maintain; hold
konsideri see; consider; reckon; view; regard
konstrui construct; build; make
kopii copy; re-create
korespondi match; fit; correspond; check; jibe; gibe; tally; agree
kredi believe
kreski grow
kreski increase
kriegi shout; shout out; cry; call; yell; scream; holler; hollo; squall
kudri sew; run up; sew together; stitch
kuiradi cook
kuiri cook; fix; ready; make; prepare
kunligi join; bring together
kuraĝigi encourage
kuri run
kuŝi lie
labori function; work; operate; go; run
labori work
lavi wash; launder
legi read
lerni learn; larn; acquire
levi enhance; heighten; raise
levi raise; lift; elevate; get up; bring up
leviĝi get up
liberigi free; liberate; release; unloose; unloosen; loose
limigi restrict; restrain; trammel; limit; bound; confine; throttle
liveri deliver
liveri supply; provide; render; furnish
ludi play
malami hate; detest
maldungi displace; fire; give notice; can; dismiss; give the axe; send away; sack; force out; give the sack; terminate
malfermi open; open up
malsekigi wet
manĝi eat
marŝi walk
mencii mention; advert; bring up; cite; name; refer
mensogi lie
meti put; set; place; pose; position; lay
mezuri measure; mensurate; measure out
montri show; demo; exhibit; present; demonstrate
montri testify; bear witness; prove; evidence; show
mordi bite; seize with teeth
morti die; decease; perish; go; exit; pass away; expire; pass; kick the bucket; cash in one's chips; buy the farm; conk; give-up the ghost; drop dead; pop off; choke; croak; snuff it
mortigi kill
movi move; displace
necesi necessitate; ask; postulate; need; require; take; involve; call for; demand
neĝi snow
neglekti fail; neglect
negoci trade; merchandise
niveli flush; level; even out; even
nomi name; call
observi watch; view; see; catch; take in
odori smell
odori smell
oferti offer
okazi happen; hap; go on; pass off; occur; pass; fall out; come about; take place
opinii think; cogitate; cerebrate
ordoni order; tell; enjoin; say
pafi open fire; fire
pagi pay
palpi feel; sense
pardoni forgive
paroli talk; speak; utter; mouth; verbalize; verbalise
perdi lose
perdi lose
permesi let
permesi let; allow; permit
peti ask; inquire; enquire
peti request; bespeak; call for; quest
pezi weigh
pisti crush
plani design; plan
plani plan
plenigi fill; fill up; make full
plibonigi better; improve; amend; ameliorate; meliorate
plimalgrandigi reduce; cut down; cut back; trim; trim down; trim back; cut; bring down
plori cry; weep
plugi plow; plough; turn
pluvi rain; rain down
poluri polish; smooth; smoothen; shine
porti bear
porti transport; carry
porti wear; have on
preni take; get hold of
presi print; impress
pretigi fix; prepare; set up; ready; gear up; set
preventi prevent; forestall; foreclose; preclude; forbid
prezenti introduce; innovate
prezenti introduce; present; acquaint
prilabori process; treat
priskribi describe; depict; draw
profiti profit; turn a profit
proponi propose; suggest; advise
protesti protest
provi try; seek; attempt; essay; assay
publikigi publish; bring out; put out; issue; release
pumpi pump
purigi clean; make clean
puŝi push; force
redoni render; return
reflekti reflect; reverberate
regi govern; rule
registri record; tape
renkonti meet; run into; encounter; run across; come across; see
reprezenti represent; stand for; correspond
respondi answer; reply; respond
resti stay; remain; rest
ricevi receive; have
rideti smile
ridi laugh; express joy; express mirth
rifuzi refuse; reject; pass up; turn down; decline
rigardi look
riporti report
ripozi rest
riski gamble; chance; risk; hazard; take chances; adventure; run a risk; take a chance
riveli unwrap; disclose; let on; bring out; reveal; discover; expose; divulge; break; give away; let out
rompi break
rondigi round off; round down; round out; round
sali salt
salti jump; leap; bound; spring
ŝanĝi change; alter; modify
sapi soap; lather
ŝarĝi load; charge
savi salvage; salve; relieve; save
scii know; cognize; cognise
sekigi dry; dry out
sekigi dry; dry out
sekvi follow
sendi mail; post; send
sidi sit; sit down
skribi write
ŝlosi lock
ŝpari save; preserve
stari stand; stand up
ŝteli steal
stiri drive
studi study
subteni support; back up
suferi suffer; endure
superi exceed; transcend; overstep; pass; go past; top
supozi suppose; say
surprizi surprise
taksi estimate; gauge; approximate; guess; judge
taksi rate; rank; range; order; grade; place
teni hold; take hold
testi test; prove; try; try out; examine; essay
timi fear
tiri pull; draw; force
titoli entitle; title
trakti treat; care for
tranĉi cut
transporti transport; send; ship
travivi feel; experience
trejni train; develop; prepare; educate
trinki drink; imbibe
trovi detect; observe; find; discover; notice
trovi find; regain
turni turn
tusi cough
uzi use; utilize; utilise; apply; employ
varmigi warm
vendi sell
veneni poison
veni come; come up
venki beat; beat out; crush; shell; trounce; vanquish
vidi see
vivi be; live
viziti visit; see
voli desire; want
vundi injure; wound
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