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Esperanto Verbs: 4

Esperanto Verbs: 4 - Flashcards on the international language of Esperanto

abandon / forsake forlas-
hit / strike frap-
gain / win gajn-
guide / dirent gvid-
stop halt-
have hav-
help help-
cause to be / make ig-
inject injekt-
instigate / encourage instig-
teach instru-
interest interes-
go ir-
calculate / reckon kalkul-
sing kant-
able / able to kapabl-
catch kapt-
hide / conceal kasx-
creak knar-
knead kned-
angry koler-
color kolerig-
begin komenc-
start / begin komencigx-
trade komerc-
complicate komplik-
understand kompren-
lead / conduct konduk-
confiscate konfisk-
know / acquainted with kon-
agree / consent konsent-
advise konsil-
build konstru-
cost kost-
cover kovr-
spit kracx-
believe kred-
pretend / make believe / convince kredig-
grow kresk-
cry / shout kri-
crucify krucum-
sew kudr-
cook kuir-
put something together kunmet-
sprint / race kureg-
run kur-
lie (in a horizontal position) kusx-
work labor-
leave / let las-
wash lav-
Created by: yellowclay