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Esperanto: Objects

Esperanto objects

aeroplano airplane
saketo bag
pilko ball
korbo basket; handbasket
sonorilo bell
biciklo bicycle
peco bit; chip; flake; fleck; scrap
klingo blade
desegno blueprint; design; pattern
boato boat
libro book; volume
kesteto box
ponto bridge; span
broso brush
fotoaparato camera
ladskatolo can; tin can
karto card
ĉeno chain
kesto chest
klabo club
bobeno coil; whorl; roll; curl; curlicue; ringlet; gyre; scroll
kopio copy
pokalo cup; loving cup
dekoro decoration; ornament
guto drop; drib; driblet
koverto envelope
plumo feather; plume; plumage
flago flag
falto fold; crease; plication; flexure; crimp; bend
framo frame
gitaro guitar
pafilo gun
martelo hammer
anso handle; grip; handgrip; hold
kroĉilo hook; claw
juvelo jewel; gem; precious stone
klavo key
nodo knot
litero letter; missive
revuo magazine
mapo map
originalo master; master copy; original
alumeto match; lucifer; friction match
menuo menu; bill of fare; card; carte du jour; carte
minejo mine
modelo model
najlo nail
ĵurnalo newspaper
boltingo nut
pako package; bundle; packet; parcel
paĝo page
pasporto passport
plumo pen
krajono pencil
peco piece
pinglo pin
tubaro pipe; pipage; piping
afranko postage; postage stamp; stamp
donaco present
produkto product; production
butono push button; push; button
velo sail; canvas; canvass; sheet
tondilo scissors
kovrilo screen; cover; covert; concealment
risorto spring
scenejo stage
stampilo stamp
bastono stick
tabelo table; tabular array
aĵo thing
bileto ticket
horloĝo watch
puto well
rado wheel
vipo whip
drato wire
Created by: garydale