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Esperanto Verbs: 1

Esperanto Verbs: 1 - Flashcards on the international language of Esperanto

subscribe abon-
administer administr-
admire admir-
warn agianst admon-
worship / adore ador-
commit adultery adult-
expose to the air aerum-
put on airs afekt-
act ag-
tune (a musical instrument) agord-
accelerate akcel-
accept akcept-
acquire akir-
in labor (pregnat woman) akusx-
alternate altern-
allude/ hint alud-
love am-
court / woo amindum-
love (in a sexual way) amor-
amuse amuz-
announce anonc-
take the place of anstataux-
precede / lead (does not imply motion) antaux-
precede / lead (implies motion) antauxir-
appear aper-
lean / support apog-
approve aprob-
arrange arangx-
glow ard-
arrest arest-
aruge / put forth an argument argument-
arm (equip with weapons) arm-
insure (financially etc.) asekur-
assign asign-
attack atak-
make a criminal attempt atenc-
wait for / expect atend-
attest / bear witness atest-
attain / reach ating-
warn avert-
fly an aircraft aviad-
buy acxet-
be aged / be [so] old agx-
hear auxd-
listen auxskult-
chatter babil-
bake bak-
sweep bala-
swing / rock balanc-
bathe ban-
Created by: yellowclay
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