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Combining Forms h-ortho

homeo / homo same / constant
hypno sleep
iatro physician / treatment
hypno sleep
iatro physician; treatment
immuno safe / immune
narcolepsy sleep (seizure) disorder
nocturia urination at night
necrology study of the cause of death
lithotomy incision or removal of stones
kinesio / kineso motion
megaloencephaly abnormally large brain
lacto / lacti milk
latero lateral / to one side
hypnogenesis induction of sleep
leuko white
lipo fat
litho stone
logo speach / word / thought
leukoblast immature white blood cell
macro large / long
medio middle / medial plane
mega / megalo large / million
melano black / dark
meso middle / median
micro small / one-millonth / tiny
mio smaller / less
morpho structure / shape
narco sleep / numbness
necro death / dying
nocti night
nycto night
nucleo nucleus
oncho / onco tumor
ortho straight / normal
hydro hydrogen / water
lipoblast immature fat cell (embryonic fat cell)
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