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Esperanto: Nature

Esperanto nature

tero Earth; earth; world; globe
luno Moon; moon
aero air
animala animal; animate being; beast; brute; creature; fauna
bordo bank
strando beach
branĉo branch
ŝargaĵo charge; electric charge
nubo cloud
malvarmo coldness; cold; low temperature; frigidity; frigidness
fluo current; electric current; stream
tago day
morto death
evoluo development; evolution
energio energy
medio environment
ĉirkaŭaĵo environment; environs; surroundings
seksardo estrus; oestrus; heat; rut
aŭtuno fall; autumn
farmbieno farm
kampo field
flamo fire; flame; flaming
floro flower
arbaro forest; wood; woods
herbo grass
monteto hill
glacio ice
insulo island
lago lake
grundo land; ground
folio leaf
vivo life
lumo light; visible radiation
likva liquid
humideco moisture; wet
monto mountain
naturo nature
nokto night
odoro smell; aroma; odor; scent
ebenejo plain; field; champaign
premo pressure; force per unit area
pluvo rain; pelting; rainfall
regiono region; part
rivero river
ŝtono rock; stone
radiko root
maro sea
sezono season
sekso sex
ĉielo sky
dormado sleep; slumber
fumo smoke; fume
neĝo snow; snowfall
sono sound
fonto spring; fountain; outflow; outpouring; natural spring
printempo spring; springtime
tigo stalk; stem
astro star
somero summer; summertime
suno sun; Sun
gusto taste; gustation
ondo wave; moving ridge
vetero weather
vento wind; air current
vintro winter; wintertime
mondo world
Created by: garydale