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Esperanto: Math

Esperanto mathematics

faro act; deed
ago action; activity; activeness
angulo angle
spaco area; expanse; surface area
centro center; middle; heart; eye; midpoint
rondo circle
elemento component; constituent; element; factor; ingredient
disputo controversy; contention; contestation; disputation; disceptation; tilt; argument; arguing
kurbo curvature; curve
devio deviation; divergence; departure; difference
direkto direction
distanco distance
divido division; partition; partitioning; segmentation; sectionalization; sectionalisation
eĝo edge; border
elekto election
bazo footing; basis; ground
pasxo footstep; pace; step; stride
funkcio function; office; part; role
ludo game
deklivo gradient; slope
interreto internet; net; cyberspace
limito limit; bound; boundary
streko line
maniero manner; mode; style; way; fashion
meznombro mean; mean value
metodo method
menso mind; head; brain; psyche; nous
momento moment; minute; second; instant
nenio nothing; nil; nix; nada; null; aught; cipher; cypher; goose egg; naught; zero; zilch; zip; zippo
duono one-half; half
funkciado operation; functioning; performance
eksterajxo outside; exterior
divizio part; section; division
elcento percentage; percent; per centum; pct
problemo problem; job
procedo procedure; process
rezulto result; resultant; final result; outcome; termination
radiko root
sekcio section; subdivision
kompleto set
latero side
kosmo space; infinite
kvadrato square; foursquare; second power
stato state
sumo sum; amount; total
adicio summation; addition; plus
surfaco surface
tria third; 3rd; tertiary
unito unit of measurement; unit
Created by: garydale
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